At first I thought it was an accident


And then I stopped. The car was full of smoke.
I did not realize it was a car. No one was in it. I did not even see any one
outside, or hear any sirens. Now I was a little suspicious, so I pulled over to
the side of the road and peered in. I did not see anyone, so I went on. I
got to the next town, and saw no one. This was no accident. This was no
“fender-bender”. Someone had deliberately left the car running and then
driven away. A car that ran through a stop was not an accident. Someone was

I got out of my car and looked around. I saw no one.
My heart was beating hard. I walked with my hands up in the air for a
minute and then looked for a gun and found none. Maybe I was imagining a
gun, or hearing one…or someone was there. But I was not mistaken. I
looked left and right and saw no one. I started walking towards the
town in the other direction and found a gas station.

I looked in the car and thought there was a gun in one of the seats, but it
was not there. I opened the back and walked around. There was no gun there.
Someone had broken into my car, and taken it, with a gun. No way I was
going to get rid of the car. I had to stay until it was safe.

I went back to my car and got in. As soon as I started driving, I heard two
sirens. They were headed in the same direction as I was. Someone
else was there…

My car started to roll, slowly at first. I knew it was a rolling car, but even
after the whole engine was rolling, I could not stop until I got to my
destination, which was a town I did not recognize. The car was rolling like a
jelly-bug (which I realized later was a first). I knew that I had passed
the speed limit, so I stopped because I did not want to pass anything.

I thought it was safe to park in the lot, so I was not going to get out of the
car. My hands were not empty, though. I grabbed a camera and put it in my
pocket. Then I got back in the front seat and started to drive again.

This time when I started rolling, my hands were empty again. This was
the perfect time to do the thing I had been afraid of to do for a long time,
but was not sure if I needed to do. I reached under the seat to pull out my
handgun. The back seat was empty. I could not find my gun. I could not find
anything. But I did not have to worry about it. I knew I did not have a

I stopped the front again. I looked around. No one had come. The second
siren was still coming. I felt in my front pocket, but no gun. I
was going to have to get out.

This time I got out of the car and walked to the front of the store. The cops
were on the way, and I had to get out of the way. I walked toward the door
(I did not make a sound). Then I saw the cop who was coming. He was coming
from a different direction, in the opposite direction of the siren. But
he saw me. He pulled out his badge and said, “Stop immediately.” I told
him, “I do not have a gun.” No, he did not believe me. And he was probably
right. But he did not know that. He was here for a reason. There were at
least two reasons. I asked him if he would check my license, even
though he knew I had no license. He said that he would check it.

I started walking again. I looked at everything in my car, even the garbage
can, to see if there was a gun. But I saw nothing. I did not
have a gun. I went inside the store. The whole place was shaking, and there
were cops everywhere. I did not know what was going on. Maybe all the
people in the store were hostages, but I could not see that. I did not
know what was going on.

I had the biggest problem. The cops were still here, so I was trapped in the
store with the cops. I could not get away. I saw the door through which I
would leave. I did not want to open the door of course, because there were
people inside. I did not know if I had a gun or not, so I did not want to
shoot anyone.

I did not want to shoot anyone anyway.

I saw a man with a gun. He was wearing a hat and had a gun, but he was not
moving. He just sat in a chair and held his gun in his lap. The cops had
taken control of the store, so the man with the gun was trapped. I did not
know if he was a hostage or a sniper.

The man pointed his gun at me. He did not sound like a hostage negotiator,
who probably was not there, because the hostage negotiator is in the
backroom. I did not know what was going on. He did not say anything. A
camera would have been able to hear everything.

I started to scream, “Help me!” But I did not have a gun.
That did not work. He did not have a gun either. I looked at the
handguns in my car, the same old car, but it was empty. I thought he had
not found one, but the car had never been empty. I had a gun in my pocket. I
could have shot him, then and there. I had the courage to shoot the
sniper. But I did not. The hostage-negotiator had enough people around
him, and the hostages were in the back room. I did not want to kill the
sniper, so I shot the hostage-negotiator, who had no idea what he was doing
as he stood at the end of the store.

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