Captain Luke Brown of Company C, 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry, had just taken out one of the enemy’s positions when he was shot in the leg


The other soldier, Private First class Jason Haney of D Company, had a different
story to go. He was shot twice in the back, with two grenades attached to
the grenades, as he came up from behind. The grenade had made a horrific
explosive impact up in his back with just enough time for the detonators
to set off before he had a chance to react.

Jason’s life flashed before his eyes as his platoon leader, Lance Corporal
Brent Thomas, took a few steps forward, firing his M203 into Jason’s back
as he struggled to roll to his left. After the round hit him, the pain
was overwhelming to Jason, when he realized he could not move he screamed
in agony and collapsed onto the sand, never to be seen again.

In the heat of battle, Luke and Haney were the only ones that knew what was
happening. The squad had found Jason’s body riddled with bullets and
blows but the one saving grace was that the sergeant in command said he
was okay, so there were no more than nine men left in their squad. Their
company commander, Lance Corporal Brian McDaniel, took the opportunity
to take out two men in the squad, before calling for the squad to regroup.
After another round of enemy fire, Private James Davenport and Lance
Corporal Christopher Williams, moved in front of Luke and Haney. Two
more men were taken out by Lance Corporal McDaniel, before they were
finally cleared by the enemy.

Finally, a new round of fire broke out before the enemy soldiers spotted
the three men. They knew they could not hold out much longer, and that
when they ran out of men this would be the last of the battle. They
were just glad to see it end.

The soldiers on both sides were now beginning to get ready for a new
fight. As the afternoon went on, the enemy kept up the barrage, while
the surviving soldiers on both sides of the battlefield did not stop but
made ready to advance and relieve Captain Brown’s Company when he arrived.
As twilight began to fall and the soldiers began to think about their next
stop, the enemy, it was obvious that they did not expect the Americans to
come out and fight them, so they started to pull back.

Dawn was breaking as Private First Class Dario Sanchez’s platoon was still
alive. They were moving in to relieve Captain Brown’s Company when the
first round of enemy fire erupted. It was coming from their new position,
but to no avail. Dario, Sergeant Julio Reyes, Private Hector Martinez,
and Lieutenant Pedro Gonzalez were surrounded by the enemy with little
time to react. Julio and Pedro were both injured in the first volley,
but they were lucky, they would only need to leave their rifles and
jump over the sandbags to get out of the line of fire. The soldiers
behind them, had enough time to shoot and return fire. Julio and Pedro
were forced to try to run back the way they got hit, they needed to be
able to get to Captain Brown’s Company as soon as possible.

The bullets were still raining down on them as they moved past the enemy
trenches, through the enemy lines and into Captain Brown’s Company. Julio
and Pedro needed only to step over the enemy to get out of the shooting
sights of the enemy.

Once they made it to their position, they made it to the command tent as
soon as they could. Julio, Pedro and Dario started making their way to
Captain Brown’s Company, telling their story.

When the order was given, Lieutenant Gonzalez was surprised because he did
not know the unit. The sergeant he was in charge of at that moment was
not at all familiar with Captain Brown’s Company, and so after brief
conversation, Lieutenant Gonzalez decided to put him on special notice.
Captain Brown’s Company was under new command and had only one other
officer. Julio was not on the team of Captain Brown’s Company, but the
lieutenant was putting him on the team. The lieutenant took his spot and
the whole platoon, except for Sergeant Julio Reyes.

Julio and Pedro walked over to their weapons and Julio pulled out his
rifle. The rifle shot a red dot, followed by a single bullet. The enemy
in front of him pulled back as he saw the red dot. Julio took his rifle
by the strap to get a better grip and fired at the red dot. Julio’s shot
was a perfect hit, it was a hit, which would send a message to the enemy
that Lieutenant Gonzalez was not to be messed with. Julio took his
shot at the enemy, as he began to move backward from the enemy.

The third shot came from behind Julio, which sent the enemy soldier to the
ground, the soldier was hit but not fatally injured. The enemy soldier
turned around to take a shot at Julio, but was shot in the back with one
of Julio’s shots. Julio turned around and watched as his shot was
returned by an enemy soldier. Julio turned to run, but saw the enemy
man behind him.

As Julio ran away, he saw three enemy soldiers approach him, two on each
side of him. While he held his rifle to protect himself, he was hit.
The bullet was stopped by his shoulder. Julio turned around to take one
more shot, but not realizing he would get hit again. Now on his back,
Julio made ready to take his last shot to run, but two of his shots
caught the enemy soldier in the back and Julio fell to the ground.

Captain Brown had not arrived, yet as he was getting ready to get ready to
attack. The only man on his team who was not injured was Private Hector
Martinez. As the first enemy soldiers rushed over to Captain Brown’s
Company, they were surprised to find Hector and Pedro not with the

Captain Brown’s Company was now in full control of the field and Captain
Brown’s Company began to advance with all four gun barrels pointed at the
enemy. At this point, Captain Brown’s Company was the largest fighting
unit on the battlefield.

At this point Captain Brown’s Company was in the middle of the field, with
four men in front of each of the twelve to fifteen enemy soldiers. As the
enemy approached, Captain Brown pulled out his M4 carbine from the
camo-style field jacket that he had on, and began to fire at the enemy.

The first two rounds missed, the next two were stopped, but on their way to
the target. The third round hit a sandbag and the round bounced back
towards Captain Brown’s Company, which was now on the defensive. The
three men in front of the third man in Captain Brown’s Company, were no
longer defending the three men in front of them. They were on their
periphery, which gave the enemy two more targets to hit. Captain Brown’s
Company fired at the target, hitting the guy on the left side.

The next guy the men in Captain Brown’s Company attempted to hit was the
right side, this time Captain Brown’s Company hit, when a round hit a
sandbag in his face and bounced back towards Captain Brown’s Company. His
third shot hit the man he was aiming at in the chest, causing him to go

At this point the enemy soldiers were in desperate need of reinforcements.
Four more men entered Captain Brown’s Company’s field of fire and fired
the same three rounds of ammunition they fired at Captain Brown’s Company.
The rounds hit their targets.

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