Cliff didn’t know if he had any friends at all


Cliff’s only friend was Cliff. He was just a very lonely man, and sometimes felt
like he had no one at all. Cliff was the one who would always come to Cliff’s
defense, like it was some kind of obligation. Cliff just didn’t know what to do
with his feelings, or why he had any feelings at all. Cliff had often wondered why
he had feelings for anyone. Cliff had thought he was supposed to just be a
friend to Cliff. Cliff didn’t like the idea of being a friend to someone he
liked. Cliff didn’t know if he had any friends at all. That was one of the main
pieces of Cliff’s mind. He had an idea, but it wasn’t really an idea. He had a
trouble thinking of anything. Cliff didn’t know if he had any friends at all. That
is, he didn’t like the idea of being friends with anyone he liked. Cliff didn’t
know if he had any friends at all. That is, he didn’t like the idea of
being friends with anyone else. Cliff didn’t know if he had friends at all, and
he didn’t know what to do with his feelings. Cliff had a feeling that he probably
wouldn’t have been Cliff if Cliff was a little more popular.

Nick was the one with most affection for Cliff, and Nick also had some of the
deepest and most troubling emotions that Cliff had ever seen in anyone. In fact,
Cliff had even questioned whether Nick had any emotions at all. There were a lot
of really deep and troubling things that Nick was hiding. Cliff had to wonder if
Nick was even the Nick he thought he was. Nick was kind of a stranger to Cliff,
Cliff had decided, because Nick wasn’t open about his feelings, and he wasn’t
talkative about anything. Cliff had found that he simply preferred the company of
Nick to Cliff.

“That was delicious!” The first pancake had a golden brown shell and fluffy
muffin top. “Nick! You had to make me a bigger bowl. I could barely get the
first few bites.” Cliff took a bite himself, finding it filling. “You are really
good at pancake making, Nick.”

“Thanks, Cliff.” Nick added a dollop of more pancake mix into the bowl, being careful to avoid the
pancake batter leaking out onto the countertop. “Cliff, I really don’t know
what to make of this whole thing! I mean, you and I are going to end up together,
but I just don’t know what to think. I am actually confused by all of this, Cliff.”

“Well, it’s not really the first time, has it?” Cliff responded, looking back
at Nick and then to the clock on the wall. “I mean, you two don’t really have
much in common, Nick. You seem like this is all about you, and I guess it is.
You obviously have a lot of deep and troubling feelings about a lot of things,
and I had always thought that you just got a bad reputation. But you are really
open about everything, and I never really got that from you. It seems to me like
you are just someone who is just stuck in your head, not someone I really can

Nick didn’t seem to understand what Cliff was saying. He began to eat the pancake
the moment Cliff finished speaking. Nick had tried to make pancakes all morning.
Cliff had made him pancakes almost non stop. But that first pancake had been the
best so far. Cliff had wanted to make something special. He wanted to make
them so good he would have to remember them for the rest of his life. And Nick had
been trying so hard to please Cliff.

Nick looked up at Cliff then, “Well, I guess I don’t have much in common with
you after all, Cliff.” Nick reached up and took the plate of pancakes from
Cliff. “These pancakes are definitely better than anything I have ever made!”

“You are really good at pancakes, Nick.” Cliff replied, taking a spoon from the
dish in the sink and stirring a large dollop of pancake batter into the pancake
bowl. “You are really good at pancake making, aren’t you?”

Nick was a little confused by Cliff’s compliment, but he still finished the rest
of his pancakes. “I was very careful not to spill the pancake batter, of course.”
Nick finished his pancake and threw the plate in the trash. He then went over
to the sink to rinse off the pancake batter that was on his hands.

“What are you doing?” Cliff asked, looking up at Nick with a confused look on
his face. “You spilled the pancake batter all over the counter.”

“I was trying to wash up before eating.” Nick replied, walking back over to the
clothes hamper, and putting the dishes from breakfast in it.

“You should have washed the counter before eating.” Cliff remarked. “You are
certainly not supposed to eat in the kitchen. And you are certainly not supposed
to eat in front of the dishwasher, are you?”

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