Dorothy took one more step towards O’Hara and placed her hand on the door knob


“No, sir, I won’t even answer your questions.” She said. There was no
shout or raised voice this time, her voice was in a steady, level tone, just
enough to keep him from throwing a punch or a slap at her. Taking a step
forward to the door, she took one more step toward O’Hara and placed her hand on
the knob.

He grabbed her wrist and threw her to the front of the kitchen, her hand still
holding the door knob, her hand going limp in his grasp. “Get up, mister and
take this garbage up your ass!” There was not a damn word of explanation or
justification in his voice, he yelled the words as if she was to blame for the
incident, as if she was the one who had started this fight.

Trying to free her wrist from his iron grip, Dorothy raised her arm and
pinned the hand in place, but he was too strong and didn’t let go in time.

“Get up, Dorothy, get up now, or I’ll put your face back in the dirt!” he

She held O’Hara’s hand over her head and brought her face down close to his
to avoid his spittle, but he moved his hand in between them, his arm blocking her
hand from getting to the door, now on his side and he held her face to the
door by her hair.

“Get up, get up, or I’ll be back, you hear me, Dorothy? I’m not fucking around
with you, get up, get up now or I’ll turn you inside out, get up, get up, get
up now, or I swear to Jesus it’ll rain blood!” he said.

“No, sir, I won’t be a part of this, I won’t do this, sir!” Dorothy pleaded. She
was fighting but she was losing, she had to fight, and she would never let him
turn her inside out. In her mind, she could see the doors of the police station
over her head, her father’s fist, his bloody fist, her mother’s eyes as she
watched her daughter and her unborn child torn apart in front of her face,
herself in front of her face and her mother in front of her mind.

But her father’s hand still clutched O’Hara’s hair and held the door open;
O’Hara’s hand moved ever so slightly away from Dorothy’s mouth and his arm was now
turned towards her shoulder, one hand still on the knob, and she saw the
blood soaking her shirt, the blood on the floor, blood on the front door,
blood on the kitchen wall, blood everywhere. Dorothy’s eyes were watering now,
from the spit and the emotion, she was fighting to turn back, but her father’s
hand was still on the handle and she felt his weight on her arm.

“I want you to do exactly what I say, Dorothy, you hear me, don’t make a sound
or move, and get up, get up now, or I’m going to take you right now, right
now, and put you right back where you came from,” he said, his voice still
rough and deep, the hand still holding the door, his voice still in the
middle of a shouting match.

Dorothy saw this as the only solution, her father had no other option, she
remembered her brother, he was in the kitchen with her and he heard her
mother’s scream of fear and pain, she remembered her aunt who told them, she
heard the scream, she remembered the blood, the shouting, and her father’s
hand, her father’s hand and O’Hara’s hand, she remembered the blood. She
remembered it so well, she remembered it so vividly, that she could not even
believe it had happened.

But she was done for, she knew it now, she had no choice, so she did the only
thing she could, she didn’t fight, she didn’t scream, she didn’t fight, she
just took the door handle in her right hand, she didn’t fight, she didn’t
scream, and she did the only thing she knew, she took the door knob in her own
right hand and she turned it, and she held the door for her father.

“Get up now, get up now! My mother don’t want you to die!” he said, again his
voice raised, and he moved his hand again, there was blood on his hand now,
there was blood in front of her eyes and the floor and everything in between,
and she knew she couldn’t do this, she knew she would do exactly what he
said, she would take the door knob in her right hand, she would turn the knob
and he would not be there to stop her, and she had to run. Every step was
painful, but she had to do it, she would not become the one who died, she knew
then that it was her father, she would not become the one who was soiled.

“Go on, go on, get up, get up, if you’re quiet I won’t do this, I won’t do this,
if you do what I say and I don’t have to do this no longer, I can make it
last a little longer,” he said, his voice getting louder, closer, and
louder still.

O’Hara’s body had turned, his arm had been turned, and now his hand was
attached to Dorothy, his hand was holding her right wrist and his knuckles were
hard, his arm still was holding her right arm as well and the door was wide
open. Now O’Hara’s hand was directly in front of Dorothy’s face, and his arm
was still holding them both, his arm was held tight, his hand was like an
iron vise, and she could not turn away.

“Get up now, get up now, get up, get up now, get up, get up now!” he said, his
voice still loud, and louder still.

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