Eric stood at the front of the church, waiting for his daughter to leave


“Oh, God, this is like watching paint dry,” he muttered as he watched the
young people stream across the church’s stained glass. His daughter wouldn’t
have left the church and taken the honeymoon, for the church was to be used
for the ceremony, not a honeymoon destination.

Just then, Marissa, who had been working the crowd in the church, walked
out the doors with her new best friend Elaine, and two bridesmaids.

Eric raised his arm, and stepped onto the carpet that ran along the church’s
side. He glanced at the bride’s car at the end of the road, but she wasn’t in
it. Marissa and Elaine sat in the second row. Marissa was wearing a white
dress, white taffeta shoes, white gloves, and a white straw bonnet. Elaine wore
a white dress, white taffatta shoes, white gloves and white straw bonnet.

Marissa’s bouquet lay on her lap. She held her right hand with the bouquet
tangled in its fingers. Her hair was parted down the center and held in place
with white ribbons pulled from her crown.

Marissa looked up at Eric and smiled, and he smiled back.

He stepped to the side of the church, out of sight of the bridal party, and
his wife. His eyes widened when she looked to the right and saw that Marissa’s
sister, Lisa, was there.

Lisa was another of Marissa’s friends. Lisa owned the wedding chapel that was
offering the wedding reception. On three Sundays out of four, Lisa could be
found working at the facility. Marissa had to find Lisa every Sunday.

Lisa stepped into view. On her left was her new friend, the flower girl, wearing
a yellow dress, and on her right, a young lady with long black hair, and wearing
a white dress, white bonnet, white gloves, and white shoes.

Eric approached his wife as the bride and the three bridesmaids exited the

“Where is Marissa? I know she went to the church.”

“She left with the flower girl and the other bridesmaid.”

Without another word, she turned and walked across the street. The bride and
bridesmaids were now standing on the corner and waiting to cross the road
back to the church. They walked single file.

“She’s gone,” said Marissa.

Eric sighed. “Okay, we’ll do it your way.”

A few minutes later, Eric and Marissa stepped to the front of the church.

Eric looked at his wife, and she looked at him. The wedding planner took both of
his hands in hers.

She whispered, “It’s my idea.”

He nodded.

The church was beautiful, with gold detailing, and a stained glass rose window.
The organist sat on a white marble altar beneath the rose window.

Eric placed a single white rose in the top right hand corner of the rose window
as the wedding coordinator walked to the front of the church with the bride and

Marissa walked in front of the church with the flower girl.

The flower girl wore a yellow dress, a white straw hat, and white gloves.

The bridesmaids walked single file behind her.

Marissa’s voice rang out. “Marissa, my beloved.” As she spoke, the flower
girl stepped back.

Marissa wore a white veil with her head covered in a white veil.

Marissa’s voice rang out again, and she whispered, “We are one.”

The flower girl stepped back and then stepped to the front. She took a deep
breath, and then slowly moved her arms up to her sides, like an archer drawing
her bow string back to where she stood. She stepped forward.

Marissa continued to stand before the altar.

Marissa raised her right hand, fingers open in the traditional manner, and
thanked the Lord for the blessing of the occasion. Then she raised her left
hand in the traditional manner, and took a deep breath.

“Marissa, I asked you to marry me, not to have a beautiful affair.”

Marissa smiled, and nodded.

The organ music began.

The bridal party moved to the front of the church.

“We are one.”

Marissa raised her arms up to the sky, and then her left hand to the sky, and then
her right hand to the sky, in a traditional manner.

Her voice rang out, “And the two of us will have this glorious wedding. The
two of us will have this glorious wedding.”

She continued to speak as the bridal party walked to the front of the church.

Marissa said, “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my honor to introduce my bride,
Marissa Scott.”

Marissa’s voice rang out. “And I present to you Marissa Scott.”

Marissa’s voice rang out again. “And I present to you Marissa Scott.”

The organ music continued as the bridesmaids filed to the front of the church
and walked in front of the altar.

As Marissa spoke, her voice rang out, “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my honor to
introduce Marissa Scott.”

Marissa’s voice rang out, “And I present to you Marissa Scott.”

The organ music continued as the bridal party filed back into the church.

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