Frank Dove, he was a simple fellow, but a simple man with a simple life and simple thoughts


Frank Dove, he was a simple fellow, but a simple man with a simple life and
simple thoughts. He once was a simple person, his thoughts were simple, his
life was simple. He tried to be a simple man, but he could not stay away from
being a simple man. He tried to be a simple man with simple thoughts, and he
still could not stay away from being a simple man with simple thoughts. But
then, he didn’t want to be a simple man, he wanted to be a simple person, and
his thoughts were far beyond simple. He thought that being a simple person
doesn’t really exist, and that’s why all those simple people try to be complex
people. He also knew that there’s no such thing as a simple world, and that’s
why he wanted to be a person who can accept that there is no such thing as a
simple world. He didn’t even know how to handle it when his simple world
stunned him like a rocket after hitting the ground.

It was a good week for Dove, as he was not in a suicidal mood, and he was
having a good week of life. Still, the thought of an unfaithful fate line
occurred to him that night. He was alone on the roof of the tall building with
the only light coming from across the sky, and he was sitting staring at the
sky when his life became a mess after he did something very bad to another
closeted guy, a good guy. He had to pay him for everything, even if he was
proud of him. So, he had committed his worst mistake, one that his ego told
him that he couldn’t do. Anyway, this guy was doing him some favor, so he
should give him a hand and not ruin his life, and the man paid him handsomely
for his help. The next day, he received a phone call from the guy, he was
saying that he wanted to apologize to him, and then he was asking him to
meet him. Frank Dove, he didn’t know, had to agree to meet the guy, he wasn’t
knowing what would happen in the next few days. He was a simple man who
wanted to be a simple person.

A simple guy is a simple guy who just can’t stay away from being a simple
person. His life would always be a mess, his thoughts would always be simple,
and his life would always become a mess after he acts as a simple person. He
just wants to stay a simple guy, when all he ever wanted to do is be a simple
person who never takes the simple way out of his mind. His simple life is what
everyone calls an ordinary life, and what everyone wants to call a simple
life. He just wants to accept the simple way of living, when he once wished
that he had a simple world like the simple way of the simple people. He
wanted to be a simple person, a simple world just can’t compare with the simple
world of the simple people.

So, they came to a cafe, so called so that they were all waiting for the
cafe, at the same time, and they were standing in a queue. He was standing in
front, and his friends were standing behind him. A young man walked into the
cafe from the queue, he smiled as he entered, and he looked at the young man
standing in front of him. The look of the young man was different from that of
the rest of the customers present in the café, and he was a look of
understanding. He walked up to the young man, he said, “Hey, what’s up, what
do you want”? The man smiled as he replied to him, “I came to know about the
cafe, so I come to see if you’re staying in it”. The man who just smiled
turned to his friends standing behind him, and he said, “Yes you guys need a
place to stay, come with me”. The other friends standing behind the young man
said, “Yes, come with us”, and they all got into a cab.

A simple man got into the cab, and he said, “Tell me, how do I get out of
here, and how will I get to my office”. The cabbie replied to him with,
“I don’t know, I just follow the traffic rules,” then he said, “I know I can
get you to your office”. The cabbie replied, “Yes, you tell me how to get to
the office”, and the simple man thought, it’s not like I’m getting out by
myself, so, he said, “I’ll just have to walk for a few minutes,” and he said,
“okay”. After ten minutes, they arrived at a building, and he said,
“Now I’m feeling sorry for myself, because I won’t be able to walk into my
office”, and the cabbie looked at him with an innocent look, and he said,
“What do you mean you won’t be able, to walk into your office,” and the
cabbie looked at the man with a smile. The simple man smiled and said,
“Because, I won’t be allowed inside the office by my boss, and I’ll have to
come out, which is against the rules that I was told” and the cabbie said,
“Do you know the rules of the place, sir”? The simple man said, “Yes, I know
all the rules, what do you know?” The cabbie said, “I know that the rules of
the place state that all the employees of the company should come out, and
that’s why I’m telling you, sir, how will you get out,” the man said, “Yes I
am aware of that. You’re right, I had to come out by running after all,
because I wanted to get out of my place. So, please make me to come out of my
place before my job is over,” the man said, and the cab was on its way, and
he entered the building.

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