I first met Roger Sayers when he came to my wedding


Two days later, we went to dinner and danced. We went for a drive and rode
together in his truck. He was a great leader. I was nervous and told him that
I would call if there was anything we could do. Two weeks later, I asked him
to dinner to meet his family. Since I was already married, he and his family
gave me a family history. I was so overwhelmed to meet Linda and her family. I
couldn’t get over this woman. My husband told me about my history and how I
had never really lived my life.

He told me the real story. I was going to have to get a divorce, because of
Linda’s affair with Roger. I thought he was telling me the truth. When he left
the restaurant, I couldn’t believe it. He told me that in the future, his wife
should be more responsible. I didn’t know what to say. She was my mother too.
How could he take my mother away? I asked him if he still loved her. He said,
yes. I asked him to meet my family and my mother. He agreed. I left feeling
betrayed by Roger.

Since I had just moved to Virginia, I had no connections in the area. I
talked to a friend who advised me to go to the library. I went and asked for
information. The librarian suggested I get in touch with the Roger Sayers
Foundation. I was a volunteer, writing for the newsletter. One of the ladies
on the board said I was lucky to be able to meet him. He called me that day.
We agreed to meet. We went to my house. He sat at a table. I sat across from
him. We talked, and it was as if we were two old lovers meeting. We laughed a
lot. He didn’t want me to go, but I insisted. I was nervous, afraid he would
tell me to leave. We hugged and kissed, then went to my home. I told him he
was like a big brother to me. That night, he slept on my couch. I cried all
night. I had never been happier.

I called him that day and he met with me in my office. I didn’t know
how to tell him. We hugged and kissed and I told him I’m still in love with
him. He agreed. I thanked him for being so kind to me, and for being such a
gentleman. We went our separate ways that evening.

I called him the next day and he agreed to meet me at his office the next
month. That night he met me at my house. We talked as if we had known each
other for years. I was nervous, and he told me that I was a great woman, and
that he loved me. I loved him, and it was hard for him to resist me. We went
to sleep that night.

I didn’t know what to tell him. He said, “I can’t tell you more than that.” I
said, “All I want to do is hold you.” That same day, he called to tell me he
was engaged.

He was a great man, with a strong faith and a loving caring nature. He was
the most wonderful man that I have ever met. My heart could not hold any
more. I could never imagine a better life with him.

When he was in his home state of California, he was in the hospital. I
called him one night during his time there. He told me he was fine, but that
he had to get out of California. My heart broke. I asked him why he wasn’t
there to look after me as he promised to do. He told me he was going back to
Virginia. He needed to be with the woman that he loved.

I told Roger I knew. He said that if I wanted him back, I had to prove I
was a good wife to him. That night, I gave him the ring that his father
gave to me. He told me, “I don’t want you to get hurt.” I said, “If you are
the right one for me, I am going to help you.”

When he called me from California, I told him that he must be happy in
Virginia. I was happy and had plans to move back. He told me he loved me.
He would miss me, but he knew it was the right thing to do. My heart was so

I told Roger that moving to Virginia would be the best thing for us. He

I started college, became a volunteer, and fell in love with my husband. I
was very happy. One day, my mom called me and said that I needed to move to
Virginia. My heart broke. I was going to have to move back home to

I called Roger who suggested I meet him at the mall. I showed up at his
office and told him that I loved him. He told me that I did not have to
move. I cried and told him that I wanted to. He said that he wanted me to
be happy and for us to be together.

He said he would be willing to meet me, even if it meant taking a plane. I
would never have to leave him alone. I was happy to see him again. We went to
dinner and went for a walk. Our first night together, was my birthday. We
had a great meal and a wonderful night. Before dawn, he left. I told him he
was a great man, and that I was happy. A few days later, I made arrangements
to visit him. My mom and my sisters came with me. Roger called me from the
airport where he was headed for Australia. He told me that he needed to get
out of California. I was happy.

I visited him on his next trip to California, and told him I wanted to move
with him. He said, “Do it.” I said we would be married.

I couldn’t wait to move my stuff to Virginia with him. When I was ready, my
mom told me I could move in with him. My heart was so full. We moved
in together and had a wonderful life together. Roger’s parents made me feel
like she was my sister. Roger and I both knew what an important part of our
lives we had, was each other.

I moved to Virginia and Roger decided to move back to California. He
loved me even more knowing that I had moved out of his life. He loved me
more because of my new life. He also knew that I needed someone to love
more. We knew that we made the right choice each time. He felt the same way.
We would get married soon.

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