I met Roger on our first date


When I told my mom about the date, she knew that Roger had
made a commitment to me. He was also trying to save his marriage. I’ve
never forgotten his hands on my face and how sweet he was to me.

From the moment he kissed me, I felt the love coming from his
heart. I couldn’t explain it. He held my hand, we walked and drank beer. He
is a man of action. He would do anything for me. He knew my mother was in the
house and wanted to talk to her. I took Roger’s side. I told her, “Roger
will make you a wonderful husband someday!” At this point, my mother
believes I’m lying. It’s hard for her to accept that Roger is actually loving
me. She has accepted me and treated me as she did before I met her.

Roger and I have a son and I’ve always told him that I am
his mom. We went to the same school, and Roger is a great father to our

I never knew that Roger would walk out on his wife. His mother
remarked that “I hope Roger finds love again”, but I never thought to say
what I truly believe. I never knew that he has a beautiful wife. After our
first date he told me about his wife and he even brought his son to the date.
It was love at first sight.

In October, 2010, I met Roger while waiting in line to get into
the “The Falconer”. He was in a hurry to get to the door. I told him that I
could wait for him after he left. While we were waiting we talked about our
love for our families and he told me his wife was not very interested in their
other boys. I was shocked to hear this, and when we got to the door, he turned
and said, “You’re really not his type! You’re much better looking than that!” I told him how I wanted to be with Roger and he said, “I am so glad
you are”. I believe this was the first, and probably the last, time I met a
man who really loved me.

The following year, I learned about the true facts of the
case. Roger’s wife had been diagnosed with cancer. They decided to take her
to a specialist in Atlanta, and when that didn’t work, they decided to get a
second opinion. That is where our story starts.

I was driving to work one day and stopped by The Falconer to
drop off Roger’s son. I noticed that Roger was talking on his cell as he was
parking. I also noticed that he was very nervous. He wasn’t sure of the date
he had chosen for me. I told him I was coming to pick up my son, and that I
would have him home in time for dinner. When I arrived at the door, he
pulled me aside and confessed his love for me. He shared with me what really
happened, and that his wife had cheated on him with another man. I was very
shocked, but since I was a stranger to Roger, I didn’t know what to think. He
explained that his wife had gotten a second opinion about her cancer and saw
a specialist in Atlanta. He told me that his wife felt comfortable going to
the doctor there and that she had wanted to see Roger. She told him she no
longer felt comfortable with him. She felt that he was going to lose his
wife, and she didn’t want to live with the guilt of knowing that her family
had been deceived by their son.

I felt that Roger was very honest with me and I accepted his
statement. He continued to do what he knew was right, and to save his marriage.
That is what happened. The cancer was found to be nothing more than a cyst.
Roger and his wife decided to move to Atlanta. His wife wanted to see Roger
sooner rather than later. She wanted to get used to his new circumstances.
They had to get a house in town, which they were able to afford. They
decided to live in the place where they met. Roger’s wife still had feelings
for him and decided to try to patch things up with Roger.

Roger’s wife had already had a child, and was very afraid of
losing another child. She told me she knew that Roger would never hurt his
wife, and also that their child would be an asset to them. She told me that
she was afraid he would leave her. She thought she could beat him. She told
me she did feel like he had a hold on her. I was afraid Roger had the
exaggeration of love. She would never have let Roger leave. I was very
fortunate to have met Roger, and to be able to talk to Roger again today. I
will never forget that moment when he told me he was glad I had come to meet
him and I was glad he had told me how he really felt about me.

Roger has a very busy life and is very successful. I am very
proud of him for having the courage to save his marriage. I’m so glad we are
alive. It’s a wonderful life, filled with love.

I’m glad you wrote this. My wife and I have been married for
13 years. It’s hard for our daughter to watch me leave, because we’ve had
five wonderful years with each other. We live in a small town so it’s hard to
see anyone we know on the street. It would be nice to see her. She’s 11 and
I’m 58.

Thank you for writing. The last two times I was going through a
divorce, we were married with a five-year-old girl. I could not imagine life
without her. Life would have been so much harder without her. I always
thought it was odd my son doesn’t talk to me much. He’s only 5 years old. I
love to come home to see him and spend quality time with him. I’m
thankful for life. It’s just hard to know what to do because I don’t
understand life anymore. I have two grandchildren and two step-grandchildren
too. I’m very sorry that he doesn’t talk to me.

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