I went back to my apartment and locked the front door


By this time I had called Kara and asked her if she wanted to join me. I had
wanted her to join in on this episode of my life because I now needed backup for
what I was going to do next.

Kara was at work and she agreed to accompany me back to our apartment. I
explained to her what I wanted done and what I was going to do. I could not
tell her that he was going to try and kill me. I would need to make a few
assumptions and that meant that we needed to be far safer than we were.

We entered the apartment quietly, I telling her to go and lock up.

We both checked the bedroom doors, then the front door. We could hear nothing
and we locked them all. We could also hear that door from the hallway, but we
couldn’t see him. We then made our way via the front door to the street. I
told her we would meet up at the end of our block after we have locked up
ourselves. She had no problems with this plan, she said she would only delay
for five minutes.

We walked down the road and I unlocked the door to the side of my apartment
building. We were able to hear sounds coming from inside but they were not at
all loud and we could not see anything. I unlocked the front door on my
building, pulled my keys from my pocket and pushed the side button to open
it. To my astonishment I came face to face with Mr. Black and Kara had a
hard stare set on her. He did not look in the least bit scared, and was even
laughing. I told him that I had called the police and asked him for his
papers. He produced the papers they had signed and he was on his way to the
police station.

After checking that the door was locked behind me and that he still had his
keys on him I told her she was to lock the door on her own and stay in the
house. We then headed back towards her building. She began to cry as she
walked back up our apartment stairs. I was going to come back to her, to
unlock our apartment door before she did.

I waited until she had left, and then walked up to the apartment door and
pushed the side button. The door was unlocked and I entered the hallway. As
soon as the door to our apartment was closed the front door to Mr. Black’s
building opened. I looked back expecting to see Kara in the doorway but he
stood in the street still laughing. I was glad he was gone because I really
might have attacked him at that moment. I looked around the hallway looking
for a weapon and there was none. Then he moved into our building and unlocked
the door to our apartment. I thought that now it was clear that I was really
going to kill him.

As I reached for my keys on the kitchen table I noticed something on the table.
It was a folded note card. When I unfolded it I saw the following:

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