I’m writing a story about a scientist who is fascinated by time travel


I stand there, a stranger in a stranger’s world, and it occurs to me that of
all the places on Earth where the world meets the earth, it is perhaps the
only place that the earth meets the world.

It was raining the night I got this idea for this story. Not my first one,
though. I’ve had this idea for years. It’s where the movie “The Time Machine”
took place.

The plot of that movie is that a time traveler, using a machine, traveled
back in time, into the past, into 2046. He then discovered how the future has
changed. He then used his superior time travel device to change the past.

Only he changed it back again! And so he arrived back at 1939 as he went

He then decided that he didn’t want to travel through time, so he changed
his destination to the present day. He then changed time again. He wanted to
go back to the 19th century, so he chose to change the past, and he chose
from the current present day time that we are in.

The plot was that he is being hunted by three future versions of his past.

Of course, the ending to it is that the time traveler travels to the end of
his existence.

This is a story about a scientist, I guess. He is a time traveler. He
is fascinated by time travel as a means of travel. He then changes a future
time, which gives him a present time on the Earth we all inhabit, and he
then goes back in time to change the past. So he ends up ending his
existence, which is where he was going.

When he arrives at the end, he discovers that it is as a “future” time
traveler, and only as a future time traveler can he be seen arriving as a
future person? The past is the past, and the future is the future. He is
not seeing the past as it was. He is not seeing the past as it will be.
He is not seeing himself as he will be.

He has a device that can travel through time. He is using it to change a
future time and change his own past. He does this multiple times. He changes
the future again, changing his past again. A year later, he has changed the
past, and is now a future time traveler. He has changed the future and he is
now himself, the same being as he was four years earlier.

All he has done is taken the form of a time traveler. Time travel is like
walking through hallways in your own mind. You know you are walking back in
time, but you don’t know which direction you are going. You still can’t
direct your time. You can only control where and when you end up.

When he changes the future, the past doesn’t change. Only he does. He
doesn’t change it. He changes the future and he changes the past.

So he comes back in time after he used the device to change the past by
changing his destination. He doesn’t have his time machine. He has a
device that he built himself. He takes his self through a wormhole to arrive
at the future he wanted.

That’s when things get weird. He arrives in the past as a future time
traveler. That means he is still in the same space but as a different person.

He enters the hotel and the time traveler in the future is there to meet
him. The past time traveler arrives.

That’s when things start to get weird. The past time traveler takes the time
traveler’s hand and helps him out of bed, they walk in to the hotel, and
that’s the first time I felt like it wasn’t a normal day.

I was so used to this feeling of being one person that I felt as an

His hand feels so out of place in mine. His skin looks rough and tough.
His fingers are thick, too. They appear to be larger than mine. I was
surprised how large the hand was. I had been using the hand to hold things, so
my hand looked normal in comparison, but he looked alien.

I can’t get used to the hand being in mine. I’d never noticed it before so I
didn’t notice it.

In the future, it is just me. His hands are so big that he takes my hand,
and that’s when I feel that he is taking something from me.

But then he takes my arm as well. I’m startled by the weight of it in my
hand. It is heavy though. His hand feels hard. Like rock.

I think about it: did he hurt me? Does he want something from me? Does he
want to hurt me? I feel so different now.

I was so used to being an individual, with my own mind and thoughts. I have
always been an individual, right from the beginning of me.

His hands feel so foreign. They don’t feel like mine. They feel like an
alien thing.

When I look up at his face, it seems that his eyes are blue instead of my
eyes, his nose is a different shape. I feel that his face is different
too. It seems to be in sharp contrast to mine, and also different colors. I
am surprised that my mind recognizes the difference between him and me even
though his eyes are blue and mine are green. I wonder where it came from;
where this color came from.

It makes me realize something. We are different people. My mind recognizes
that we are different people with different feelings, thoughts, and

This realization makes me feel even more alien, more alien to myself. I
feel that I am going to be with him all day. We will do things together. Our
hands will touch each other. Our bodies will meet. I will feel the weight of
his hand in mine.

He takes mine to hold his hand. I don’t like it.

We are different people. He is an actual person. He is a time traveler. He is
somebody and I am somebody. He is a person and I am a time traveler.

I am a time traveler. I am a time traveler. You are a time traveler. You
are a real person and I am a real person. Your hands feel so different. Mine
feel like they are a foreign thing. Your fingers feel different. You touch me
so differently.

I need to leave and I need to go back. I don’t want him to touch me. I’m so
anxious about seeing him, touching him, holding his hand.

I need to leave now.

He takes my hand and leads me back to my hotel room, and he doesn’t stop to
say goodnight or good-bye. He continues to hold both hands in the air,
holding each person’s hands out to them, saying good-bye.

I feel he is just doing this for something. I feel that something is in
it for some reason.

I like going back to his hotel room.

It is just like a normal night, but there is something different about this

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