Imagine you were in a dream where you were switching on the light in your room


Even if the light is on, you will still feel the bright, white, glaringly
unbearable light. The power of that one switch would flip the world. To
experience it, you must be aware of it.

There is a power to doing something in your dream. If you learn to tap into
that power and harness its energy, you will awaken from the dream.

This is how I awakened from an episode of my life where I am a
child of an abusive father. I have written about my personal struggles with
childhood abuse many times before, and I’ve read many books about the subject
and spoken to many people about it.

But in this particular instance, this was a case where I had experienced the
dream state first hand. As children we all experience dreams in some way. I
remember falling asleep as a child and then being woken up by being hit in the
face, and my older brother slapping my face. I was woken up like that multiple
times as a child, but at what point did I break out of this dream state of

All I know is that after waking up, I was standing in the school yard in a
flash, and I remember thinking “Where am I? Am I safe?” And then I was
sitting in the hospital waiting room getting hit in the face, and then I was in
a car wreck in the back seat. These all happened while I was asleep in a
dream state. It was as if I was waking up from a dream I was experiencing in a

And here I am, years later, in another dream state, an episode in my life I’ve
been trying to forget. I have nightmares, I have flashbacks, and I have
waking nightmares at certain times of my life. But this was not a dream I was
experiencing last night.

I was in the hotel room where I first met Mike, and I was thinking of his
voice. At some point, I started thinking that maybe I could fall asleep,
because my eyes were starting to get heavy, and then I heard him say, “LUCID

I don’t remember exactly what I was thinking then, but I remember thinking
“I don’t want to fall asleep now. I don’t want to slip into a dream state. This
is my most recent dream, and it’s my last one.” And then I was waking up a few
mins later.

It’s not the same kind of dream, but this time, it was about a person coming
into me from the other side. This time, it was about someone coming into me
from a place within my subconscious. And this time I was not afraid.

If I had said that I was afraid, I would have been wrong. I wasn’t afraid. My
mind was aware that I would have another dream. My body was awake in the
middle of this dream. I wanted to wake up and tell Mike, but I would go on
living. And as long as I didn’t move and as long as I was aware of what was in
my body, I would stay asleep.

I am more aware of what’s going on in my life right now, and more aware of
the choices I make that affect my life at any given moment in time, than I
have been at any other point in my life. It’s an awareness that has allowed me
to stay lucid dreaming at will. I am not worried about falling asleep and
being awoken by my subconscious mind. I take action each time it wakes me up,
and I am aware of what I need to do to make my mind wake up.

I have more control over my lucid dreams than I ever had in waking life, and
I am more aware of the decisions I make that affect my behavior in certain
situations than anything else.

We use the term lucid dream to describe dreams that are more vivid, more
dynamic, or more surreal. The more control you have over your conscious
mind, the more you can use it to influence your dream state.

If you are lucid dreaming in your dream, you are using the power of the
dream to influence and direct your waking experience.

I know that I can control my dreams.

I know that I can exert more control over my conscious mind than I ever have
in my waking life. And I know that I can consciously choose to move my
conscious mind into a dream state, then wake up, and control it so that the
dream that I am having at that time is the dream that I want. I know that I
can bring my conscious mind into a lucid dream, and then I am aware that the
dream I am having in the dream is exactly what I want.

Here is the most critical lesson of all when you wake up – don’t just close
your eyes, and drift back to sleep without putting your conscious mind into

This is not a passive process. It is not a process without a conscious mind.
It is an active process, where the conscious mind is doing something to
override the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is incredibly powerful. It’s the mind that is
creating our reality, and it’s the mind that we are ultimately shaping by what
we do and by how we think.

It’s the mind that is making us aware of a world that is not the world that
was created by our conscious minds.

The conscious mind, the conscious choices, the conscious thoughts,
necessarily affect our subconscious mind, and the unconscious mind is simply
the manifestation of the things that we do and the thoughts that we think.

Even after you wake up from a dream, your subconscious mind may still be in a
dream. All of our dreams are contained within us, but we have the ability to
get our subconscious mind to wake up to reality. And as long as our
subconscious mind is in control and is able to get us to do what it wants, we
will have a lucid dream.

As we will discuss in the chapter, there are certain things that you can do in
your dreaming state to wake this up and get it to act like a dream state and
not a dream.

I don’t consider myself a lucid dreamer because I don’t have control over my
dream state. I can’t read. I can’t control what happens in my dreams.
Because if I wake up and know that I was having a dream, and I can’t control
my dream, I can’t control my waking reality either.

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