In our series of letters from African journalists, film-maker and columnist Farai Sevenzo shares her account of waking up to the sound of a bird


Thursday 24th April. 5.50am

I awoke to the sound of a noise. It was my alarm clock, but this time I was
not surprised to see it. It had been playing music for the past twelve hours.
It played nothing but music and for the past few months the alarm had been
playing some type of soft or light instrumental music. Now it was on full
volume with a strange, discordant sound.

I looked out of the small bedroom window. It was a bright sunny day but it
was not yet dawn. A bird was flying low over the window, so close that it
hovered inside the frame. Another bird was flying from left to right below
it. It was a dark bluish-grey bird, maybe a nightingale. I felt very warm.
My body is always warm from my head down to my feet, but I felt warm all

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