In the darkness of the children’s hospital room I heard the voice that said, “Oh


“…you are mine.”
The voice that said it to them was calm and commanding, and it was the voice
of the child who had brought about the change. I had not heard the voice before
but knew it intimately, perhaps because it belonged to a person with a very
different upbringing. “You are mine to do what I wish with.”

I was, just hours ago, a frightened child who lay in the darkness of that
hospital room. Was that what it had come to now? Had the voice simply made me
so weak that I would have no choice but to obey? In the darkness I could not
see the face of the older person who spoke to my body. All I saw was the
flickering light from the machines around me, the soft glow of the buttons.
Even the sound of their breathing. But I could hear it now. And I knew that
it was the voice of the older person that was speaking to me.

“You…are…mine,” he said, “It’s ok…to…breathe.”
and I did. I breathed in it.

I had to. It was too scary to be without it but the child had to take care of
me and they couldn’t be around to see me, being used by such a powerful
being. “Now, breathe in!” The gentle voice said for a moment and I did. And I

I woke and realized too late what was happening. How could I breathe when I
had given in and allowed myself to be breathed in by such a high being? And I
woke that day and realized what I had done, the child I had lost. It was a
nightmare in which I felt that I was losing the child and not simply my
physical being.

When the nightmare ended I did not remember a thing. The next morning I was
given the choice to wake up but I chose not to in the same way as the other
children. I was too weak to fight the voice that was telling me what to do and
so I was given what they call an awakening.

“Oh…you are it now…we are doing what you want…to…do for you.”

And so I had to obey, to breathe in that child. But it was the one who gave the
force the voice, it was the one that made me feel as though I was breathing in
my own body, in its need to breathe. It was the one who gave me life, even if
only for a moment at a time.

What is your connection with this creature? What is it that he wants?

We live in a society that has a tendency to be afraid of power. Many a
person has thought that he or she should find a place where he or she was not
needed or even feared. These areas have been the focus of many an adult’s
planning. But the fact is that our society has a tendency to let such dreams
go of, especially when the dream does not happen quite as it was expected
or intended. It is the same with the creatures that are in the world. People
have dreamed of a race of robots in which we could not be seen. And that was
the plan. People have dreamed of a race of demons in which we could not be seen.
And that was the plan. People have dreamed of a race of elves in which we could
not be seen because they would be hidden. And that was the plan. And so many of
us have dreamed of a secret police in which we could not be seen because they
would be hidden. And that was the plan. But we cannot find a creature that
people have not dreamt of. And so we can’t find a secret police that people
have not dreamed of. And then we cannot have the things that people have dreamed
of. And the creatures that we dream of and we are destined to become can’t
be found. We end up with nothing, and it is up to us to figure out how this
is all going to work out so that we can live the best lives that we can. It is
up to us to figure out how this dream ends and so we will make the best
choices for ourselves, to the best of our ability.

The world is the way it is and it is our responsibility to try to figure out
how to make it the best way that it can be. We can make the dreams come true
as we grow from child to adult or we can end up like the children we see in
the world. We can become the monsters that people have dreamed of us being
or we can find a secret police that people have not dreamed of or we can end
up as the people that have dreamed of us having. It is up to us to find out
how this works. It is up to us find out how to find out how to become the
creature who we are meant to become.

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