It’s been a long time coming but I’m finally here to tell you my story


Hollywood has been my life there’s nothing better than riding down the street
in the car while listening to the radio, watching the news, playing the videogames
and being in love with a woman who always does what I want.

Now I’m here to tell you there is no other life, this life is my life and
this story is mine.

So when my father saw the article about me he got excited. This was his dream
right? He was thinking about my life all these years and this was his chance
to get on TV and tell all the world the truth, right?
As soon as I was on my bike I knew he was going to be there to pick me up
so that I could tell him my story, so I jumped on my bike started riding
through the streets of Laughlin looking for a place to hang my story up on paper
my life was in my hands. I saw the Sheriff at the counter and as soon as I
got the attention of him he knew I was here to do his job, so I stood up and
said I had to tell him my story, so I told him.

“Why don’t you tell me your story from the beginning and I’ll tell you mine

“Alright, let’s get it started,” he said.

“Ok so first of all this is a true story it’s not a fairy story or a story
for children but it is one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever heard.”

“This is great, but I think you should go back to the beginning and tell
me the beginning of your own story,” he said.

“Ok I will, so now it’s time for my story start with me, I was born in
a small, dark town in western North Carolina known as Laughlin.

Hank Mitchell is my father and I was born to my father, my mother was never
married to him but we stayed in touch. For the first two years of my life
I thought I was his daughter, then when I was four years old I began to
notice his behavior, first I knew they weren’t real he lived with us, but
sometimes he would come to our home late at night, and he would talk to my
mother, I loved when he did that I hated him when he did it, then he started
playing with me, the first time he did it was a nightmare for me, the second
time I was in love with him, I would sit in my bedroom and daydream about his
hands running up and down my naked body and his hands on my breasts and his
lips on my neck and he would make me come, I never told anyone about my love
for him I just acted crazy whenever I saw him, but then one day he moved in
with us and left me and my mother for about a year, then he came back and I
was happy, but once he got back he never left, he worked at the shop in
which he made his instruments which he also brought home for my mother to
use. It was a small town with a population of three hundred and twenty two
people and they lived in a two room bungalow. I would see him coming home
late at night and I would come out to find him sitting on our front porch
watching the sun go down, I just couldn’t understand how he saw the sun
go down, I knew he could see the sun from his work but he would always say
that he was watching the sunset.
Sometimes he would carry me inside and leave me in my bedroom with the door
closed, my mother would walk through the door and lock it and pretend that
she didn’t see him but I knew she did then she would stand at the
door and watch him through the peep hole, I would sit on the bed reading a
book and fall asleep thinking that I was the only one in my room that could

One night my mother was having a dream when she could hear her husband and
son saying a child was born to a woman on the side of the road that had just
arrived at their house, my mother woke up and she began to pound on my bed
pounding her fists on my mattress and screaming for me to open the door
to my room, my father came to take me to my mother she was very worried sick
and crying, he sat me down and said to me “I don’t want you calling him
dad, you call him father.”

My mother was very angry with his behavior towards me, when he left and I
met my father I was mad at him, so one night I called my father a liar and
a thief, he said he was going to come into my room that same night and kill
me if I didn’t call him dad, so I did.

The next time I saw my father was when I was five years old, so I asked him
to take me to the field where his instruments were, he followed me to the
field and then left me there and walked back into the house to his instruments.
He told me he was taking a break, he played with his instruments for a few
minutes then he went back and finished them. I asked him to play a song for
me, so he played a song with a piano and viola which I thought was nice,
so I said okay.

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