John was sitting at his desk when he heard a big bang


John had seen the plane, its tail and the big electric arc. Now John was
shouting to everyone that it was okay to come to work. Everyone was rushing to
their windows and watching what was happening on the way. John saw the head of
a mechanic and the arm of a police officer coming towards him. John quickly
got up from his desk.

The other people were waiting to see the plane. John started moving towards
the airport. He saw the other person waiting near the airport. He saw the
other person standing in front of the plane. He was holding a plastic bag in
his hand. John stopped walking and stood a little distance away from the other
person who was holding the bag in his hand.

“What’s going on,” asked John.

“Oh,” the other person replied. “I was standing here for quite some time
and then I started feeling sick and suddenly I vomited that plastic bag. Then
I collapsed. I didn’t know how much longer I would be able to stand on legs
and then fall. Then I saw this plane flying overhead. Then I saw that it had
a black tail of a bomb and started to feel sick again. Then I told you what
I had seen.”

John looked at the bag that he was holding in his hand. It was a large
plastic bag, shaped like a coconut with a big flap on the top. The plastic had
smell like rotten eggs and looked like it was rotten too. It was yellowish and
smelt dirty. It had some stuff inside it. Some kind of a cloths with a plastic
handle on the top.

John’s eyes were red as a result of watching bombs. He was talking to
himself and looking at nothing. He was standing next to the bag that he
was holding. John looked at the bag and said:

“I don’t know. I got this bag with some kind of stuff in it. I don’t know
if it is poison. You are the only person who I am able to talk to.”

John felt very happy. He was not able to talk to anyone now. He felt sad to
be the only one who is going to be affected by that bomb. He felt proud of
himself and wanted to tell everyone that he is not alone now and that he can
survive in this situation, despite the bomb and everything around him and
despite everyone telling him that he can’t.

John went back to his desk and continued to work. He got excited as he was
working. His head had become bright with the excitement. He thought about his
son. He wished he could see his children. His happiness increased and he
thought he had the power to destroy everything and everybody that is
impeding his happiness and his happiness is so big. He wished he could put a
bomb in the plane and blow it up in the sky and make everyone to panic. He
wished that he could tell everyone that they should evacuate the metro station
and go in the vehicles, while he will go in this plane and will take himself
to the closest military base and will get himself ready for war. John was
thinking about all his wishes and the happiness they have brought to his life.

John’s face became dark, as he thought of his son. His son was safe
and well. Only he wants to make him happy and want to save him from the
terror, terrorism, and bombs that come from that evil country Pakistan.

John was crying. He felt that there was no other way for him to stop
thinking. He started crying so hard and was still crying when the plane was
about to pass above him and he thought that the plane was about to drop a bomb
on him. John ran to his office and closed the door.

John was crying and crying until he got into his office. He stood in his
office staring blankly at the screen. He felt happy and sad at the same time.
He felt happy as he wanted to stop thinking and was sad when he had to think.
He felt as if all his wishes are going to turn into reality. John was thinking
about his son and how he was safe. He had to be happy and sad at the same

He stood there and watched as the plane came closer. He was happy only
for three minutes with so much happiness that he was ready to faint. Suddenly,
he felt the plane moving away from him and he felt shocked. He felt shocked
as he thought the bomb was going to explode soon and his son was going
to die. He felt shocked and said:

“I am not able to think anymore,” he cried.

He was sobbing continuously at that moment. He was in his office, in his
office, crying when he suddenly felt happy.

“You are my only son. You are the only happiness in my life. You are the
only hope for me and you should live forever. You are the reason for my
happiness,” John cried. He was unable to control himself and in desperation,
he went to open the emergency exit and started running away when he felt some
pressure, he got scared and opened the door quickly. A little distance away
from the door was the emergency door of the office. There was no one within
the office. John grabbed the safety of the door, which was red.

John was sobbing as he was running away. He was sobbing as he was running.
He was running as he cried. He was running as he cried. He was running as he
bawled. He was running as he ran. He was running as he ran. He was running as
he ran. John became angry and screamed in anger. He was running as he ran.

He was running as he saw an electric arc jump the steel structure of the
airport and hit the runway. The building started to crumble at that moment.
The building was falling at that moment. John stopped running and screamed
in anger. He became angry and cried uncontrollably. He was running as he ran.
John ran as he was yelling. He ran as he was shouting. He ran as he screamed
and hit the ground one hundred and four and one hundred and twenty five times.
The building was collapsing at that moment. John stopped running and became

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