Last week I wrote a letter to the police asking them to investigate a sexual assault that was reported to them a few weeks ago


Well now I got a piece of evidence that could be helpful for your investigation
so I hope you will help me for the sake of the people reading this if you can
help me please do so and also let police know I have a credible story.

I have got information that is about the same or maybe a little bit more
interesting than what was reported by the police. And the funny thing is that
it was also reported by the police.

The story is about a woman who works as a nurse in a hospital with one of the
largest health insurance companies in the northwest. She had a daughter and a
son born when she was young. She used to babysit for their parents when their
parents were away and her coworkers would notice how cute the kids were and
even in her teens she liked boys, so she would get alone with them. One afternoon
she was working the hospital cafeteria with a patient and a very handsome
boy, who was her son. He looked up and at first she thought he was going to
do something, then she realized he was going to kiss her, and he did. She
asked him if he was married and he was, and he said he’d had plenty of women
before, but it didn’t last long and now he had found the one for him and he
was in love. Well her coworkers noticed she had been acting different all
day, even with the other patients and she was on the night shift she worked
from home, because she was getting paid for her time at the hospital so her
day off was used to babysit her son. She was acting strange all day, not
sleeping, eating, having no sex, she went to the gym with him to do push
ups and pull ups and stuff, and he kept talking about what he would do to her,
she told him he couldn’t do anything to her because her legs were wide open
and he told her he would get a nurse to come in and cut them open, she told
him she wasn’t worried she had done it before, to get attention. He looked up
again, his eyes just stared, and said I’ve got to go, I need to be alone with
you he said, or maybe I could just put on a different shirt.

She took off another shirt and put it over his and she just stared at him in
the mirror the one he had just put on, and she thought about calling her
brother, but he just started to cry and said he knew what was coming and he
was worried, but he wanted to stay with her so he would be all right. She
just didn’t know what to do, she just stayed with him and held him, and he
asked her to just look at him and talk with him, and she was sure that he
wanted to kiss her so he kissed her, she kissed him back and that was the
first kiss she had ever had that felt good, and he was trying to get closer
and she told him he couldn’t because she was not ready to make love and he
told her he loved her and he took off her clothes and started to touch her
and she just felt wetness on the back of her legs and he kept kissing her
harder and she was getting scared and he broke off and jumped up and ran out,
but she called her brother and said someone had called police and asked the
police to come, and the police officer saw what was happening and called 911.
The cop came to the hospital and he noticed she wasn’t acting normal and he told
her she was under arrest for indecent exposure, but she was innocent because
what she was doing was her job and she only did it when she couldn’t find
anyone to watch the kids, and she was with her son all night, she said he had
been acting weird and she told the cop she had to go see him. But the cop
said he needed to talk to her son first if he was innocent, and the kid
started crying and he said he’d do anything to make everyone happy. I don’t
know how old he is but his eyes look like he is going to cry any minute. She
tried to hug and kiss him but he pushed her away, and she left and went to
work, but she never told her job.

She tried to call her mother and got no answer so she tried to call her brother
and got him on the line and he was crying and he said he was sorry and he was
mad, but he didn’t know why, because he never did anything wrong to her. So
she called him back and said she didn’t want him to worry and she wasn’t mad,
he said he was mad, and she just kept talking. He told her he was really
sorry and he knew that he had been mean to her, and he was going to be right
back, and he said he’d do anything and he was going to get help. He said he
could help her find a way to get the money back from the hospital, or she
could start doing drugs and she said no, he said he was going to come right
back and he didn’t sound like a cop when he asked her name again and said when
she doesn’t say anything he will know she’s lying, and he told her he was
going to tell the police about what happened and then he said he was going to
call the lawyer and he said he was sorry and he told her he loved her and he
was sorry and he left.

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