lucid dreaming is when you’re able to see what’s behind you, as if all of space were a window


But to be truly lucid, you have to be fully awake, or fully asleep. When
you’re fully asleep, you’re not able to read your environment. You don’t see
problems with your room, or with your surroundings. When you’re just waking up,
there are physical factors that prevent your brain from waking-up completely;
the amount of pressure that you exert on your eyes, the amount of time you spend
awake after you’ve gone to bed, the amount of light that enters your eyelids.
These are all things that you can change, and that you can trigger your brain
into waking-up.

The first step towards developing lucid dreaming is to understand that what you’re
experiencing in your dreams isn’t real. Don’t trust your intuition; think for
yourself. If you dream about a building or a room, it’s actually outside your
window or door.

There are two types of dreams. The first is that of the child who is
surrounded by monsters, or of the drunk who has an accident and loses his job.
These are real enough, but they aren’t dreams.

The second is that of dreams that you’re dreaming, and sometimes that of a
third party, like the dream of the friend in the office dream. These are
genuine dreams; not dreams in which you’re playing a video game. They’re
exactly that– they’re dreams. This is what you’ll train into your subconscious.

To train and improve your lucid dreaming, you need a lucid dream environment.
This environment should be totally safe, with no light sources so you can’t see
who’s coming through. (You can keep the light off if you want, to prevent
accidents.) You need to be able to fully wake-up if you fall asleep or
wander into a dream that’s totally unrelated to a real-life situation.

A good lucid dream environment is where you can see the walls, as if all of
space were a window. This allows you to see what’s behind you, and how you fit
into the room, as well as to see how the room fits in with the outside world.

The most common mistake I see people making is not practicing. I’ve found that
it’s essential to practice lucid dreaming, and when people get the hang of it
quickly, they begin to see these limitations as an asset.

I’ve seen people lose all their money in Vegas when they were able to see
through the glass on the windows. They’re able to see all the people on the
street as if they were people next to them, or people passing by the window.
They can see everything. It’s a great thing to see this through the window,
but when you get a real lucid dream, it’s something to be revered. You can’t
really appreciate the dream as much as you can with a window and a wall.

I can’t tell you how many times I see people run into the street when
they’re out walking. Or people walk into the street they’re walking on, and
they’re like “Oh, man! That’s a bad idea!” I’ve seen this happen countless
times in my travels.

It’s also important to understand that many dreams are not for real. There are
also dreamscapes, as well as dream sequences, in which you don’t appear to be
in a different reality. It’s important to realize that you’re dreaming. You are
simply experiencing something, but since you’re not aware that you’re in a
dream, you need to create a lucid dream.

If you want to train yourself to lucid dream so often that you can do it
non-stop, then you’re going to have to take advantage of the dream environment
that’s ready for you.

There are a few tools, such as a wall that has a window, or a door, or even a
wall that has two walls behind it. If you stick something in between the glass
of those windows, you make the dreamscape, and you can really see the

Another is to create a lucid environment that is not a lucid dream. If you’ve
already done this, and you’ve been able to wake-up, then now is the time to
create another one. You’re going to find it more and more difficult, for
essentially the same reasons, but by doing this you’re not going to be
completely lost when you do wake-up, because you’re still seeing the situation
through a window.

Once you’ve created your lucid environment, you need to use this to train your
brain. You need to repeat this process, and the process isn’t that different
for each person.

But the key thing to remember is this: you have to create the lucid
environment, you have to repeat it, you have to teach your brain the techniques
for creating the environment. There’s no shortcut. It’s not simply a matter of
training your brain. You have to train it as you go, until it’s a skill.

There are many different ways you can go about this, and I think that’s
particularly true if you’re a first timer. There are so many things you can
learn, especially in the area of lucid dreaming, from the Internet, from
books, from people who’ve done it and who have made YouTube videos, or from
people who’ve built their own lucid dreams.

Now is the time for you to go and find out for yourself. Start by using
YouTube to watch videos. Take the time to research and find out for yourself.
Then try it and keep notes about where you went wrong, and why you did it.

I guarantee you, you’re not the first person to ever dream of a friend’s
desk, or to see a red car or a sign that reads “This Way To Work” in the middle
of the night.

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