Marianne walked up the glass escalator to the second floor of Quasar Fashion


The holographic sign at the entrance of Quasar Fashion showed her the address
and directions to the building. On her way in, Marianne had noticed that
several of the people seemed to be wearing Quasar Fashion shirts and jeans. The
entrance doors were being guarded by several people even though there was not
much security inside. Marianne passed the glass security doors and felt a
shock as they started to open. The heavy doors slid open and she realized that
she was standing in the front lobby of the building. Marianne walked past a
few people, who were either on the other side of the glass or were not looking.
She continued up the glass escalator to the second floor, where she started to
notice that the lobby was more of a room for people to relax.

“So where is everyone?” Marianne asked herself, not really caring.

As she entered the second floor, she looked around in amazement. There were
many different types of people that were not wearing the outfits shown on the
billboards. All of the people were wearing business suits with their hair
styled in short, tight, fashionable waves. Even their hair styles looked the
same from generation to generation, which was very interesting.

“Why are they here? Is this a meeting?”

Marianne saw that everyone in the lobby were wearing a Quasar Fashion hoodie.
They had several different Quasar Fashion shirts, including Quasar Fashion
shirts that had the numbers 1-800 on them.

“It’s a meeting.”

“So what are the people here for?”

“They are here because of you.”

“Me? Who is me?”

“Don’t you remember? It’s 2082. You’ve been here before. It’s not the
first time you’ve visited.”

“But that was thousands of years ago. The fact that I was here for this
meeting proves nothing.”

“Don’t you forget the time machine. Remember the day we ran into each other?
It was in this building.”

“Who runs this place?”

“It was a woman who ran this place, but she was killed before she did. I hear
there is a man now who works here.”

“That’s not who I’m talking about.”

“Why? They wouldn’t just kill him, right? Why would they want to keep him
from working here.”

“So he’s not going to be there today?”

“Let’s hope not. Go find your 2082 gear on.”

Marianne walked down the hallway until she reached a locked door. She opened
the door and found herself in a room. It was very large, with multiple levels.
There were a lot of different offices in this room, some in the third floor,
some in the first floor. In one of the offices on the second floor was an
armless man who was just standing out by himself.

“Excuse me. I need to speak with Mr. Quasar.”

The man stopped in place, and then looked at Marianne with a confused look
on his face.

“It’s me you want to talk to, right?” Marianne’s eyes twitched as she
looked back and forth between the man and the office in which he was standing.
“You’re all over the place. This way.”

She walked to the main entrance and pushed the door open with her index finger.
She was standing inside the lobby, which was now empty, except for the man
in the room.

“Hello. Can you help me?” Marianne asked.

The man looked down at Marianne, and then looked at the office door, which
still had one of his arms up in the air. He smiled as he said, “I am glad to
see that you are still alive, Ms. White.”

“Really? And why is that?”

“My arm has almost healed completely. I am well now.”

“Oh, well then, tell me about it. It’s been a very long time, hasn’t it?”

“It has, but it has been really exciting. When you called and told me
something important, I knew you had to be real. But you didn’t tell me what it
was about. What was it?”

“I’ll tell you what it was. But first, I need to get back home.”

“To the time machine. You are going back to the future to change the past.
How do you know this?”

“You’re really going to tell me?”

“Yes, I am.”

“I think you should go now.”

“Oh, you’re going to leave me here?”

The man looked down at his bare arm, and then looked back up at Marianne.
“You’re really going to leave me?”

“I am, and I am going to take everything from you.”

“It can’t be that easy. You’re not real.”

Marianne looked down at the man, and looked into his eyes. “It is that

The woman walked back up to the main entrance door. Now she looked back down
at the man, and said, “You need to trust me. You need to tell me what you
want to do and I will let you do it.”

The man looked down at the man, and then looked over at the woman. “Well, then
you are real.”

“What do you think about me being real?”

“I think you’re a little crazy. You keep saying things are not the way they
have always been. What’s really the real way, Ms. White? You’d better tell
me now what you want to do.”

“You’re going to tell me?”

“Yes, and if I tell you, you might be able to change the past.”

“No. I don’t want to change the past.”

“What else is this about? Do you want to see a future?”

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