Max could hear the sounds of the snakes coming closer and closer to him


Suddenly the lights blinked off. The sounds of the snakes continued until
Max decided to get out. It took a good 20 minutes to push his way to the
edge. There he saw a man at a window. He was sitting out there smoking a
cigarette. He had thick glasses and was a lot younger than Max. He waved
at Max and offered him some of his cigarettes. It didn’t work. The last
thing anyone wanted was to talk to this man. He just didn’t look the type to
be talked to. Plus he seemed to have a huge collection of snakes.

Max took a deep breath and stepped into the crowd. It wasn’t long
before he was surrounded by several hundred snakes. Each step he took into the
middle of the crowd felt worse than the last. He didn’t know what to do. He
just wanted to get away. Just want to get back to his room and get away from
the crowd.

Suddenly the crowd broke out singing. He remembered the song he had been
singing, when he was about four years old. ‘The sun is shining, the sky is blue.
The grass is green, I’m on my way. I’m on my way home, I’m on my way home to
the land where the sun is shining.’ The music was loud, and the people danced
and sang. Max could hear the snakes’ hiss, and saw a few moving around to
fill the air.

The man across the way saw Max and took off his glasses. He looked
right at Max and pointed to him. The man pointed to the spot where Max had
been standing. He looked around Max, then moved to the spot and pointed to the
spot where Max had been standing. Then he walked away.

Max watched him go; he figured he had seen a ghost.

I need to get out of here now.

He looked around and realized no one else was following him. He began to
heap away from the crowd.

Max then realized he had a choice to make. He could stay inside in his room
and wait for the morning or he could walk out of the crowd and get away from
the snakes.

His eyes went wide when he saw the two guards sitting there. They were right
next to each other. He waited patiently for them to notice him. They walked to
the window and waved to Max. He waved back.

They made eye-contact with each other and walked back to their table.

They both asked about Max. The man sitting to his right had asked why Max was
in the middle of the crowd.

Max explained.

The man sat down and smiled. Max didn’t know if he was smiling because he
thought Max was crazy or if it was just the fact that he thought Max was crazy.
After a second, the man began to laugh. Then it went into a coughing fit. It
was really bad before it stopped. Finally the man went away and was replaced
by another. The man sitting to his right was a little shorter, with a black
beard and black rimmed glasses.

The man to his left was a little taller. His hair was shorter with a bushy
moustache. His face was round and had thin lips. It was as if he wore
sunglasses. His hands were wrapped around the arms of his chair and he held
up one finger.

The man to the left pulled down his pants and began to play with his groin.
One of the guards noticed he was doing it. Both of them looked over and made
eye-contact. Each of them smiled and looked a little more relaxed. Eventually
they both decided the other was the guard who had been holding up his
finger. They both began talking at once.

Max knew he would have to do something. He started to walk away. As he did,
the two guards followed him. Eventually they got to the doors and opened them.

When they saw the crowd, they turned on their lights and shouted at the top of
their voices. The noise of the crowd filled the hallway. The two guards
joined the group of people. The crowd got louder and louder. The two guards
looked left and right, at everyone that passed by. The lights continued on
faster. The two guards began to move around the crowd. They seemed to know
where the crowd was going. When both of them had had a chance to listen to
anyone’s conversation, they would go to the front and pull out their guns and
walk around the crowd. Then they would come back to the end of the line and
point their guns at everyone.

Suddenly the lights blinked off. The crowd stopped moving. The two guards
got down on their knees and began rubbing their eyes. The lights flickered
back on.

Max continued on. He walked down the hall and turned the corner. As soon as he
opened the door, he was surrounded again. He could hear the crowd from his
room. The voices grew louder. He moved into the crowd.

The crowd closed in around him. The lights came on, to full blast.

Max stepped into the crowd.

The music began to play. The crowd was getting larger. He had to move. He
could hear the voices of the people outside the door. He moved down the hall.
He saw the light at the end.

The lights suddenly stopped. Max closed his eyes and focused.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a snake, moving around, through the crowd. It
wove on the people.

Suddenly the snake, it began to move faster.

Max continued to move down the hall. He saw the light at the end.

The lights suddenly stopped. Max closed his eyes and focused.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a snake, moving around, through the crowd. It
wove on the people.

Suddenly the snake, it began to move faster.

Max moved until he was in the center of the crowd. He could see that the two
guards had walked to the end of the line and were waiting for the person who
would walk back to them. When the person did, the guards would get down and
start rubbing their eyes.

Max walked toward them. He could hear the crowd talking.

He looked down the hall and saw the doors. He could hear the crowd, again. He
walked until he could see them.

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