My sister woke up at 10 o’clock


I looked at the schedule. I was working. I sat down at the desk and looked up
at it. I saw the 4 hours off. I walked to the balcony of her room. She would be
awake now. If I didn’t work at 10, at least she would sleep for an extra 4

The schedule was not very helpful. It only told you when you had to be in
office, but when you were on call. There was little information from the
schedule about when you could leave the desk for the time off. It was very
strange indeed. I knew it was useless because a year ago, a Chinese agent had
told me about it. He said that the Chinese Government had taken the idea from
the Soviet Union, and the schedule for the desk was useless for the CIA. The
Soviet Union had said that if you looked at the schedule for an hour, you knew
when you had to be off. The Chinese said that if you had two hours for lunch,
two and a half hours for lunch and two and a half hours for leave, you would
have to do extra time to complete the schedule.

I sat at the desk. I had to work all of the next day. I couldn’t go to the
garden. My sister had planted a beautiful garden. The soil she had used for the
garden was actually her first born son’s blood. She had told me that. When she
was in the interrogation room, she said that she felt like her son was there.
She wanted me to find the son for her. I didn’t find his body, but I found out
what really happened his death. I also found him.

I looked at the schedule for the remaining 4 hours. No time off. That was it.
I had the entire next day.

I started to get angry. My sister was really trying. She was trying to get me
to find the real criminal mastermind. That was what she told me. I was the CIA.
She was trying to get me to catch a Chinese spy.

Why was I angry? What was the point of all those years? Why was she trying?
Why was the real Chinese spy trying to make me forget about his death? Why
was she trying to make me work 24 hours a day, yet I didn’t want to stop?

Why was she trying to make me forget his death?

I couldn’t control time. Every time I stopped, the MI6 had been to my room.
They wanted me to do their work. Yet I had to do my work. I had no choice.

I got to the office at 10 am. I got a phone call from the MI6 agent.

“Hi. I have the results of the autopsy. You wanted to know.”

“Good. Please call me for a time.”

I called him. I told him what had happened, about my sister and the false
time-off schedule. He laughed at me from the other end of the line.

“You don’t have to call me for a visit. My office is next to your hotel room.
I’ll be there in 30 minutes. You can meet me there.”

The MI6 agent got out of the car. He left the car. I waited in the car. I
could smell the gasoline. I couldn’t see him. I had to wait and see what he
would do. I felt my anger rising to the surface. He was really trying to make
me do his work.

He got out in front of my hotel. The traffic lights changed. He was walking
with purpose.

“You want to know the truth. You don’t believe me about Yangun. I will give you
the chance.”


“I am telling you the truth. I am trying to save the world. The world is not
safe, yet I am not doing my work. I told you earlier. When you find the real
criminal mastermind, I want you to bring him to my office. I will get him out
of the whole mess.”

I looked at him. He was very scary. I had to give him the truth, though. He
was a really good person and I didn’t trust him. He was a good person and I
loved him. And I liked the fact that he was going to do a good job. I liked
that he got the chance to do the good job. But he was really scary. Why was he
not being a good person?

I looked at him again. I didn’t want him to stop working, though. I knew that
he wanted to do the right work. I liked him for that. I didn’t want him to do
the right work, though.


“The key to this whole thing is the schedule for the desk. When I said the
table was not very useful, what I meant was that if I found the real criminal
mind behind the whole thing, then I could stop the whole terrorism. I thought
that to make you work, you would have to work for me.”

“I am working. How can you say that?”

“It is true. It is true. You think I wanted to start working again and then
not find the real criminal mastermind? No way. I don’t think like that. If I
found the real criminal mastermind, I would also let you do your work. That is
the way the world works. Every country works for their benefit. You live in
India. I live in China. I could kill you and you wouldn’t know it. You think I
work on behalf of the CIA? No. My duty is to the world. I don’t care about the
CIA. Look at you. You have the chance to live your life. This is your
opportunity. You have the opportunity to live. Why wouldn’t you take it?”

The MI6 agent stepped closer to me. He smiled. I couldn’t bear it. I looked at
him. Was he smiling because he enjoyed making me angry, or was it for the
scary part about killing me?

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