On the day I was born, I decided to do a good deed


I’m not much of a religious man, but I believe in karma from the “do good deed
and make the good time” theory, the law of cause and effect principle. I want
to spread the good luck of my birth to everyone who has been nice to me.

I walked back to my house. Then I decided to go to a hospital for minor check
up. This hospital is famous for all those doctors you see in the movies. That’s
why they have such a great reputation.

“The patient is waiting.”

I walked in. They were all working hard in the waiting room. I saw 3 old
men standing next to a chair. But I did not think. That was a good sign. My
heart was happy. I ran towards them and gave them some sweets. I was
surprised and my eyes widened. They were old and sick. They were completely
wasted and wasted.

The doctor came to the table and asked me to sit down. “Doctor, my name is
Clement and I am in my 70’s. I am a Chinese and I have spent 50 years in
China. I am suffering from some serious health problems.”

“I will call your relatives today.”

He just nodded and left. Then he left my family. I had to get my family and
relatives and go to see him. But what really matters is the result. I never
fought for that battle. I just got this gift and I will spread the good
luck of me birth to everyone around.

I walked back to my house. My sister had left the hospital. I wanted to call
her at home to express her love and to ask her what she thought about the
hospital. I was a bit worried about her too.

She immediately answered the phone and her voice was filled with happiness.
“I’m so glad to hear your voice! How are you there? How was your health check up?”

I told her everything and she just shouted. That’s why I did not tell her the
real story and said, “When you get better, you can tell me.” The next day
she was much better. I had to go to the hospital for a check up again. This
hospital is not a normal hospital in the sense that they do not have enough
resources. They are just an ordinary hospital, but with a good reputation.

I walked to the hospital and went to see the doctor. It had been more than one
year since I saw the doctor last. He was really old. He is in his 70’s, he is
not only physically lost, but mentally as well. His doctor was saying that the
patient would have to be hospitalized for 3 weeks. But I just thought. “You
are joking. If you do that, don’t think that I will allow you to leave from
here. Even if you want to leave, I will come and kill you.”

I got into a car and we drove to the hospital. The doctor told me that the
patient would be going to the hospital for 3 months. Then I asked him, “Do
they have an ambulance?”

“No. They do not have an ambulance. You just have to pay a lot of money to
the ambulance or just tell them that it is in a car accident and that you are
taking the victim to the hospital.”

I just shook my head and said, “That doesn’t make sense.”

“That’s what they told me.”

“What happened next?”

“After you left, I went to get some medication. But someone tried to kill
me. I was shot multiple times with a shotgun. My family members thought that
I was lost. The police just said that I was killed by a truck.”

“What a coincidence.”

“Yes,” he replied. “The truck driver did kill me. I’m really lucky. It was
a perfect shooting.”

I wanted to ask him what the reason was for his shooting, but I stopped
talking. I just said, “Go back to your work and I’ll leave.”

The last couple of days are more like a hell.

They are just waiting for the day that I die. They have no purpose. They only
want to torture me and to make a copy of my body. When I’m dead, I will be
buried there. They will take care of my family. They always want to keep the
money for themselves. How do they think they’re going to get away with such a
terrible crime?

I will just leave for an instant. Just for an instant. Just for a second. Just
for a millisecond to find my real family and relatives and kill them. But
that’s just for a moment of pleasure and then they will never hear about it.
That’s why I have to be very careful and not to get caught. They will never
find my real family. It’s better to be killed quick.

I just got up. I started to prepare my suicide, but my mind was not on what
I was thinking. My life is in such a good shape so the only thing that kept
my mind busy was the work of finding my real family. My plan will work and I
will be happy. I’m sure that in 3 days I can find my real family and then I
will kill them. I just can’t wait that long. Soon, I will die and after that
they will stop searching for my real family. They will stop looking and
looking and look.

I was just staring at my phone by my bed and my heart was just beating. My
family was calling me constantly. I had to answer their calls. But I just saw
the message and replied.



“Hello, who is this?”

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