On the first day of my new life in my new apartment, I went to my old chest of drawers, and found a small pink pouch


When I opened the heart, it was filled with a small note, written in
Spanish, on the back of a small piece of paper. It read:

Necesito que me quites la chica.

I sat quietly as tears fell from my beautiful big blue eyes, my heart
melted. I cried as I thought of my best friend whom I had been so close to
for over ten years. I didn’t know what to do as time was winding down. I
went back to the old chest, and pulled out the small velour envelope. At the
bottom was a small note:

I don’t know what I am doing. Please help me. Don’t look for me and don’t
worry. I am trying to find my way.

As I reached up to the corner of the back wall, I noticed the
following inscription, painted into the wall in tiny lettering, that I had
never noticed before, ”
Por mi vida,

I looked around my new apartment, and tears fell from my eyes as I
thought of my lovely friend and how much I loved her. As I stood there, I
realized that now or never, I had to call my best friend. I took the small pink
envelope out of the pouch, and as I dialed the number, tears fell from my
eyes, I thought, What have you done to me?

Sue, what are you doing?”

I cried as I told her what happened to my best friend, and how I had met
with a tragic end.

You have to go to the police and tell them what you know. You can’t carry
it any more.”

don’t know what happened. I don’t know who wrote that note,” I told her.

I am going to call him,” she said. “I am not the jealous type.”


don’t give up. If he ever gets the courage, he will come and get me. You have to

have to do as he says,” she said.

don’t know what to do,” I told her.

Don’t go,” she said, and hung up the telephone.

I have a very understanding nature, but I am a very strong believer in
what I taught my children, that there are bigger things in life. Once I got
into the car, I thought; You will have many happy moments, Sue.

We will celebrate life,” she said, “not just the moment we are in.”

The drive to the police station in Hartford, was filled with tears. When
I got out of the car, I saw her car and I cried. I thought to myself, I am no
longer angry. I am happy.

am happy,” she said, “and I hope to see you again,” she said.

love you very much,” I told her, and as I walked into the police station, I
prayed that she would see me again, and for her to forgive me.”

Before going to his office, I saw him looking for me, but, sadly, he went
to another desk. He told the desk officer what had happened, and he
started to cry.

my office, he told me;

don’t know what to do.

what you have to do,” he said.

sat down at my desk, and wrote a letter to Sue, asking her forgiveness and
asking her to forgive me. I took the letter to her desk, and put it in an
envelope, before putting the letter in my purse. I went to the pay phone, and
called Sue’s home, and after talking to her mother, I told Sue’s mother I had
spoken to Sue, and she promised that she would bring Sue by my office sometime
next week, so that her parents could see her new apartment.

I’m going to call Sue, and I’m going to meet her at her apartment,” I said
and walked out of her office.

decided not to call my aunt, as I did not want to hear any more bad news, and
I did not want to hear;

can’t take it anymore; can’t take it anymore; can’t take it anymore,” I

walked to my car, and went to her apartment, and met her as she walked out
the door.

I can’t take it anymore,” I said.

I can’t take it anymore,” she said and told me that everything had been
perfect, we had a wonderful evening.

hope you understand,” she said. We hugged, and I told her I loved her.

Didn’t you know?,” she asked.

told her that I did know, and we went inside the apartment. We laughed, and
talked as we sat on the couch, and I was very content. I had a wonderful last
hour with her.

her room, we talked, and she told me that she wanted to go to a dance club,
and that I could come along, and we would have a good time.

Good times are great,” I told her, “but, you have to remember, that you
have to be happy.”

While I was at her house, I picked up this beautiful necklace on the way
to her house, and I took it to her, and put it in the jewelry box. When I got
back to her house, I told her that I had bought her the necklace. She
thanked me for the necklace, and I was happy to have it. We were still
talking, and I told her that I loved her. We ended the conversation by kissing
on the lips, and then we hugged, and then I went into my house, and went to bed
as I knew that my husband would be calling me.

We were married for over thirty years, and in my opinion, that was the most
joyous, and happiest day of my life.

That is my story of what has brought me to this day, as I am now faced with
the most devastating ending to a dream. I wanted more than anything to be
true. I had dreams that were much bigger than my past, and I know I had
dreamed for more than forty years. I was just trying to get through the day.

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