One day, a young man was in a city without noise for an hour


He walked back home, and it was the most silent place he had been in all the
day. He felt that he had gained some small understanding of what it was like
to have no sound for an hour, and it made the city seem so much more
enlightened as he walked back into a world without sound.

The next day, he found the same feeling to be true of the city. After two days
in a city without noise, he was still aware of the lack of it. He walked home
again, and it was still silent there. He tried to think of a way to make some
sound to compensate for this lack, and as he walked home, he thought about all
the things that a sound would be needed for, everything from a cry to a
scream, and he decided that this would be more than enough.

The next few days, his mind turned on how he would make it work. For the
first time, he decided that he would not try to make a sound by singing
loudly. He did not see any way for this to work; sound was just a natural
product from our bodies and he could not expect to come up with any other
kind. Of course, one could be vocal, but he did not think that this was the
way to go, for he saw no other way to make this work.

Over the days, he took a week to find out how. He did a lot of thinking. He
thought about where people went in the city that he came from, thinking that
he wanted to be like those people. He thought about things that he read in
books, things like a man with a dog walking a high hill, how that man would
be able to walk without sound, not hear one sound more than another.

He thought that he wanted to be an animal, not that he wanted to be a bird, or
a beetle, or any of the many other creatures in his world, but simply an
animal. He wondered if he was an animal, and if being an animal meant that he
was less intelligent, less human. He thought about how his mind had never
really had any kind of memory or learning, and thought more and more about the
fact that the human mind was in a world that was far from him, far removed.
So why did he wish to have any kind of intelligence and memory? He wondered
how a man who had never seen light could possibly think of thinking.

In these thoughts, he saw clearly that he wanted to be the same. He wanted to
be the same as the man walking high on a hill, and he wanted to be like that
man, but not so that he would be a human or anything else. He wanted to be
more than he was, and he could not be more than he was. He could not even be
himself, he was only a man in a world that took on a whole new meaning.

That day, as he walked home, he realized that he needed to find out more. He
could not know everything that was available, or what other things he would
need to do in his world, but he could at least make a small dent in that
world, and he thought that that would be enough. He knew that it would not
be enough, and that there was no one to speak to, no one to help him make
that dent grow, but he found that he felt a little less alone in the
universe, and that he had at least something left to him.

It was in the night that he finally decided that it was time to find out more
of the world. He was glad that it was night, for he did not want to talk to
anyone, not that he did not have anyone to talk to, but that fact made him
think that his life would be very lonely. He began to walk back, thinking of
the fact that he needed to know more of what his world was like.

There were few trees near the house. There were no bushes, and that was his
most obvious need. He would only use what he could use, and the few trees
that did grow near the house were nothing but dead branches upon trees that
had once been alive. He thought that this would work, and that he would be
able to do all that he needed to do.

He was right about this, and he walked back happily. He did not notice the
tears of the night as he walked, but he could tell from the sound of the
wind in the leaves and the leaves that they were having fun.

They were laughing so loudly that it almost seemed as if the entire forest
were laughing. It was as if he could actually hear every leaf rattle in the
air, every branch flex a little, and those noises seemed to come from
everyone at once.

It took him longer to walk back home than he had thought. He thought that he
would have to walk forever, but the laughter soon died down. He realized
that it was his own laughter that had stopped, and that it was not just him
that was laughing. The trees were no longer laughing, but they were still
moving in the wind, still moving around each other. He did not know how long
it had been, but he was sure of this, and he was sure that it had to be
several days. This was another thing that he could not understand.

The only sounds that he could hear were those of the leaves, the wind, and his
own breathing, and by the time he had walked about a half mile, he began to
feel a little more like he was walking in the park.

As he walked down some more hills, he suddenly saw houses on the horizon.
This was not the kind of house that he had been at for the last two days. They
were smaller, he assumed that these were more like houses that he had
already seen in his time in the city. The houses were scattered about the
hills, and many of them were small or made of only a few small trees.

He turned the corner and walked right into a small alleyway. This was not
quite as small as an alleyway as he had seen in the city. It was very long
and ended in a square, where he saw lots of small trees. These trees were
small, but it was a few of them, and he assumed that this was because they
were living among a few others, and the larger trees were dead.

They were not trees living in the tree tops. They were small trees that had
lived. There were plenty of them, and he knew that they were probably trees
that had lived for many, many years.

He walked in, and there was a little house where a person had once lived.
The house was made of wood and had been built with an open roof, and a
square of dirt was placed on the wood so that it was not completely open. It
was not a house as he had come to understand the meaning of that word. It
was a house of the earth, of the land.

It was cold in the night, and he saw stars in the sky. He found the
sensation to be very strange and different. It felt almost like the wind
moving the leaves around, or the wind moving his hair. He had never felt
anything like this before, not even in the city. He thought that this must
be one of the ways that his mind was different from the mind of a normal man.

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