Sally and Samia were sitting at the dining table when Samia said to Sally, ‘I’m going to have a glass of wine before work


‘Oh, good’ Sally said sarcastically, ‘That’s nice.’

She put down the glass before heading into the lounge to have a good
breakfast before work. Samia didn’t have much time to worry about her night
before work, after all, that’s why she was in this shitty job in the first
place, but what she did worry about was that she had to walk into work. There
was still a chance of losing someone she loved, she could only hope that she
wasn’t that unlucky.

‘Breakfast is ready’ Sally said as she entered the room, ‘Please come and
sit down.’ Samia sat down and Sally sat on the opposite side of the table.
‘So Samia, how’s it going?’ Sally said with a smile and patted her hand ‘How’s
your love life, I hear you had a little time to spare’ she said, ‘Have you seen
anyone special?’

‘Well actually yes. I’ve actually just found out that I’m going to be
married, to that guy who I met at that party’ Samia said with a laugh ‘I knew it
was a long shot, but now I have to decide on a last minute thing and it kills
me, because I don’t know how much I’ll miss him.’

‘Really’ Sally breathed, ‘A girl after my own heart. I will be sure to send
you a very generous present in the post, I don’t know what else to tell you. I
have to go work right now but I’m sure you’ll hear from me soon.’ She stood up
from the table and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast. She put a bowl of
scones on the table and poured some of Samia’s chocolate sauce into a smaller
bowl. ‘So, Samia. Do you have a dream yet?’ Sally said once breakfast was done.

Samia sighed. This was the first time she had seen Sally in this light for a
very long time, and it hurt. They hadn’t talked about their dreams in a long
time. She couldn’t remember the last time they had talked about their dreams.
Not sure how long it had been, and it didn’t matter, Sally wouldn’t listen to
that. Samia hadn’t wanted to talk about it because if she did, she would have
to admit that it wasn’t a dream, and she didn’t want to.

‘Not yet’ Samia said, ‘I’m still going to wait, I just want to think about
it for a little longer, before I make my final decision’

‘Well you don’t have to’ Sally said, ‘I’m not asking you to make a rash
decision’ she continued, ‘but you haven’t really got much of a choice. You’re
going to get married soon but you have to tell your lover before it’s too late,
Samia’s face fell, she had been thinking she wouldn’t get married until she
was thirty, and she wished now that she had waited a year or so longer and that
she had thought about whether or not there was someone else in her life.

The last few days had been hell for her, she had been feeling a bit like shit
for most of it. And now she was going to be married? That was a bit unfair
considering she loved Sami, but she knew it was time to move forward, and

‘Sally I’m going to be married this coming August, the truth is I didn’t know
if I wanted to get married that quick, but I got myself into this situation
and I’m stuck, but I love Sami so much, and I’m not going to let her down, I
just need to be there for her.’ Samia said softly.

‘I understand Samia’ Sally said softly, ‘Sometimes in life, love is truly

‘Do you think it’s too soon? I mean, I’ve only known him for a month’
Samia said, ‘But what if something’s wrong’ Samia said, ‘We can’t have it
happen too soon’ she added, ‘I know he loves me, and I wouldn’t want to get
married to someone I didn’t know really well, but in this life things happen,
things happen to us. We should get married, and I want to be with someone who
knows what they’re doing.’ Samia said, ‘I love you so much.’

‘So you love this guy right?’ Sally asked, ‘This guy you met at your party
last night?’

‘What you mean what I mean, yes’ Samia said, ‘He’s perfect’ Samia said,
‘He’s funny, he’s smart and he doesn’t make me look like a fool. And right
now, he’s the love of my life.’

‘I see’ Sally said, ‘You are very lucky, if I had met him I wouldn’t have
got married, I would have run a mile from him. Now I know you better than you
know yourself. You will meet him eventually, and you will fall in love with
him, and I hope you do because I think deep down he feels the same way about
you, I know I feel the same way about Ryan, but I am not allowed to love the
man I marry. I was raised better.’

‘So I should be allowed to love my husband?’ Samia asked stunned, ‘Am I going
to be allowed to love that guy?’

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