Sally and Samia were sitting down at the table when Sally said to Samia ‘I am sorry, I did not mean it


‘Oh you poor darling, I am so sorry, I did that on purpose just to mess with
you.’ Sally said pulling a face

‘If I had any spare energy what I would do is go back to sleep but you do
not care, you don’t listen to anyone do you? And the only thing you care about
is yourself, which is completely wrong on so many levels, but we are not
talking about anyone, just you.’ Samia said as she went into the kitchen

‘Yeah you are mad because you are single and you have never had a
relationship and you think you are too good for the likes of me, are you even
watching you? Do you even remember our last conversation?’ Sally said rolling her

‘I am doing my best Sal, it is very hard to be with someone and forget them
all, but I am doing the best I can.’ Samia said sitting down at the table

‘The best you can? The best you can is to tell us your story. Who was she?’
Sally said looking so pissed off she just wanted to throw a pie in to the
kitchen but she didn’t.

‘Sally, this is exactly why I always use you to get rid of
someone’ Samia said in all the while trying her hardest to not cry she said,
‘She was my best friend. Me and my sisters all had the same mother, she
was my best friend. She was like family, she made everything okay, she gave
us everything we needed she was always there for us. I miss her.’ Samia said

‘You can’t miss someone that you never had, and the only thing you ever
really had is an awful memory, how many people have that, that is why you never
get over it because it always hurts, and you are always on edge and you hate
others and you never get anywhere but you just go round and round in circles
and that is why you never let her go’ Sally said slapping Samia in the

‘Sal I am sorry, I am sorry for what I said. I did not mean it.’ Samia said
shaking her head

‘You mean it, I mean you have been with everyone else so why stop? You
should have left when you had two options you stupid fool, first you could
have tried to become a famous novelist, second your family could have taken
you in.’ Sally said trying the last one.

‘Well, thank you for your
advice. I have got it from my mother, she said that when we were young girls
mothers would tell us we would be better off leaving home and going to
universities, and that’s exactly what I have done, and now I can’t wait to
be home’ Samia said feeling better but not good enough to go back to sleep

‘Hey Samia why don’t you go upstairs and grab your clothes, we are going out
to a movie’ Sally said

‘OK. Go then.’ Samia said heading to the bathroom and slamming the door
behind her. Samia didn’t know what was wrong with her. Sally just never
appeared to notice her any more, not that she could blame her, she had gone
from being an attractive woman to a stick in the mud, and what Samia had got
from her parents it was everything. She could never be as good as Sally
because Sally could never be as good as her parents and her sisters, and Samia
had no idea how or why things could change in a matter of hours but she hoped
her life would be one of simplicity.

She grabbed a black top, a pair of jeans and a grey hoodie all she needed she
thought, but it was too dark to see through so she put them on. She was about
half way down the stairs when she heard Sally come up in the kitchen, ‘You
look like a ghost Samia, I am going to go and get some chocolate milk, or some
diet coke.’

‘OK’ Samia said

‘Are you going to be alright and just tell me what happened? I have been
waiting over here for ten minutes’ Sally said as she came back into the
kitchen to finish her shopping.

‘I am fine Sally, and it’s not like it happened ten years ago’ Samia said

‘Yeah, it is not, but like I said we have to make sure we don’t let it
happen Samia, we are in a strange place and when I think about your family I
see their faces everywhere, it hurts Samia.’ Sally said

‘I know, I will be fine, just tell me what happened’ Samia said

‘I will go get the milk and I will be right back’ Sally said as she
walked out of the kitchen, Samia was in complete agreement.

‘I have seen that look before, the look that Sally gets when she thinks that
you are not going to be able to do what she wants.’ Samia said

‘I am just not Samia, like I said I am not that strong.’ Samia said

‘You just said that you are not that strong’ Sally said as she came out of
the kitchen again, she was all excited about seeing a movie with Samia.

‘I have seen them do it, but I am just not Samia, and it is hard for me to say
it’s impossible but I just am not.’ Sally said ‘I am sorry Samia please try
not to think about it too much’ Sally said as she left the kitchen

As Samantha lay in bed staring at the ceiling, she felt like she had been
walking in circles, or even worse like she had been flying through the air. She
was tired.

‘Well you know it’s not easy Samia, I know you can be tough. Let me
just tell you the worst part of this is not that it happens, and it’s not
that it is all my fault, it’s more the fact that I was not ready to hear it
coming even though it was right in front of me, and to be honest it sucks but
I think if you go through this you will always feel this way, I do not know
for a fact you will always feel this way maybe not but you will always know
that it happened, and it is the same with Samia.’ Sally said

‘What, I am not going to have to wait for ten years for you to open up to me?’
Samia said

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