Samia walked out of the house with a big smile on her face


‘Honey you must have been up most of the night’ Sally said with her hand on her
chest ‘You look like something the cat dragged in’ She grinned mischievously
‘You know, like when we had that little cat?’

‘No!’ Samia yelled angrily ‘I had a nightmare I could not get out of! I am
going out!’ She walked as quickly as she could into the living room and
stuffed herself in her big brown leather chair. She picked up the phone and
held it to her temple. ‘Hello?’ She said into the speaker ‘Hello?’ She
said to the wall of the room.

‘Hello?’ She said still holding the phone to her ear. Slowly, she lowered it.
‘No, I am so sorry Samia’ Sally’s voice said ‘He hung up without saying

Samia let the phone fall back into its cradle. She sat there for about ten
minutes and tried to reason with herself. She took out a couple of pens and
scribbled into the margin of the notebook. She wanted to tell Sally how she was
gutted, but she didn’t want to give her the shock of it.

‘Sam, are you alright? I heard you scream’ Sally said worriedly ‘Did you see
any ghost?’

‘Ghosts aren’t real Sally!’ Samia said with a bitter laugh ‘My eyes are
bleeding!’ She grabbed the pen in her hands and started scribbling away at a
few more lines of her book. Finally, she stopped and took them out of her

‘Samia stop writing!’ Sally screamed ‘Stop doing that!’ Samia said calmly
‘I’m not doing anything Sally! You can’t force me to do anything!’

‘Sam you’re going to write in that notebook all night’ Sally said in a panic
‘You can’t write for all to see!’

‘I’m writing my book Sally!’ Samia replied angrily ‘Don’t you watch TV?’

‘NO! And when I say you’re not going to do that again. You’re not going to
look at another book for all those days. Please just go to sleep. Please.
Please go to sleep.’ Sally sobbed quietly in the living room ‘I don’t know
what happened to you!’ Sally pulledSamia to her and hugged her ‘Please don’t
get me wrong, I didn’t want this, but I really don’t know what to do.’

‘Do?’ Samia asked her ‘Are you telling me you don’t know what to do?’

‘You’re my hero Samia’ Sally said, ‘I love you.’ She whispered into Samia’s
ear and pulled her deeper into her embrace.

Samia sat in silence, holding onto Sally. This was their most important thing
together. Sally said something in her ear and Samia kissed him. After a while,
Samia said, ‘I love you too Sally.’

‘Oh honey don’t be silly’ Sally said ‘And I love you’ Sally said and Samia held
her tighter. ‘I love you too Sally. I love you very much and I love you more
than I have ever loved anyone in my entire life.’ Samia kissed her again. This
time they kissed for hours.

‘I love you too Sally!’ Samia screamed into Sally’s ear and Sally kissed her back.
They went to bed holding each other tightly, but Samia could not sleep. Neither
could she sleep. It was just a bad dream and she was sure she had had a bad
dream before.

‘Are you alright there, Sami?’ Sally asked.

‘Yeh, I’m alright Sally, I’m fine.’ Samia said, but she lay there and tried not
to think about it. Sally went to bed, with Samia, and Samia lay there trying
to make sure and to not think about what had happen to her just that night.

In the morning, Samia woke up and her chest felt a bit better. Sally was
still sitting up beside her. Samia asked her, ‘Sally, I don’t know how you’ve
slept last night but I had a really bad dream about the school.’

‘It wasn’t a dream Samia’ Sally replied ‘I had another dream last night.’

Samia sat up in bed. Samia remembered the last time she had a bad dream about
the school was during the summer holidays. Sally tried to explain how she had
lived there as a child and Samia listened wide-eyed. Samia thought to herself
that maybe it might be better if she stayed there in another school. She
explained that she had lived there until she was ten and then she had moved to
this school and Sally said that was fine that was fine.

Sally was quiet for a short while and then she said, ‘So, Sam, we are here.’

‘Yeah we are here Sally.’ Samia replied. Samia put her head in her hands and
said quietly, ‘What if this is it? What if I am going to have to stay at this
school for the rest of my life? What if I am not going to find another place
where I can live comfortably? Why did I choose this school?’ Samia looked at
Sally ‘I was in a bad mood, but I don’t know why I chose that school if it
really is horrible’

Sally hugged Samia and Samia kissed her softly on the head ‘If you really love
me, you will not have to live here for the rest of your life’ Sally said. Samia
looked at her confused. ‘Why would I want to live here Samia?’

‘Sally that’s the point!’ Samia said ‘Because it’s better than living in
England!’ Sally laughed and said, ‘No, you can get used to this Samia.’

‘But you know that isn’t true Sally.’ Samia replied ‘Maybe I should take a
trip to England?’

‘Sally we have talked about this Sami and I have told you that it’s not as
safe as it is here. And you are only here for a year.’ Sally replied, ‘The
girls at the school are all just girls Sami, they aren’t like you, they are
mostly just girls.’

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