The girl looked up at the two knights sitting on the wall, one with his shield arm around his neck, the other with his shield arm around his shoulder


“Does it matter to you which one?” the knight asked.

“No. What does it sound like?”

“Loud,” replied the knight.

“Haven’t you gotten any closer?” asked a tall woman who had been
watching, with interest.

The girl looked down at the creature’s hand as she tried to pull herself out
of what had become a dead end of rock.

“Sorry. That was more of a cry for help,” she replied.

The creature had stopped laughing. It was quiet, almost a whisper.

“It seems you have a pet,” said another woman.

The girl looked down at the beast, now on the same level as she was, the
rock being a ceiling a foot below her. She would have to climb down and find
another way out, or face the creature. She turned back to the knights, who
seemed to be giving the creature some type of explanation.

The girl reached down to brush away the loose strands of the creature’s
hair that had gotten caught in her own. She pulled away her hand as it
grabbed her arm and pulled back. The girl let go and it backed away.

It looked like there was a fight going on at every level of the rock face.
One knight was holding the creature back with his shield arm and the other
was taking a hit, but the monster was still fighting.

“Is there anything up there?” the tall woman asked.

There was movement in the rocks as the creature moved.

“It is not alive,” the person on the wall said. “You did not kill it.”

“Are you sure?”

“No, but it is not alive,” the man replied, “or if it is, it is not alive
for long. It has been dead for less than an hour, maybe a little less.”

“You’s got a lot of faith in a dead thing,” the tall woman said.

“I’ve always seen that as an advantage,” the man said, “If it
wasn’t dead, how would we know it was?”

Suddenly the creature was in the air and the man on the wall was flying toward it.

“Here?” he yelled.

“I’ll do it,” the woman on the wall said as she got into the air and flew
over the creature.

“I think it’s going to try to kill us all,” the man said as he flew after the woman.

She flew over the creature as quickly as she could, but it was gaining
on her. She watched it as it jumped up to get to the woman and then her
back turned. As she turned her back to the monster the thing leapt over
her, using its claws and teeth to hold on her coat and the man’s shoulders.

“Get away from it!!!” the man yelled.

Danielle was scared, but she also had a fire in her gut as she flew over
the beast. She made her way to the other side of the rocks and found a place
where the creature had started to climb down. She pulled it down gently. The
creature looked up at her as she released her hold and crawled over to her.
She held out her hand to help the creature up.

Carson lifted its head off the ground as it stared at the girl.

“Good girl,” it said. “I’ve been waiting for you.” It spoke and
turned its head to stare at the woman, who it had called ‘Carson’.

The girl stood up and looked carefully at the monster. Her entire body
took in the sight of the creature from the waist down to the claws.

“You are a werewolf.” Carson said.

The werewolf’s shoulders lowered. It was trying to understand.

“What?” it asked.

“I asked if you had a name,” she replied.

“No, there is only one name,” Carson said.

“What are the others?” the girl asked.

“I have been called a jackrabbit,” it replied.

“A deer?”

“No, deer is a deer,” it said.

“But deer is a deer, but a deer is not a deer. How can two things be both a deer and not a deer?” she asked

“I do not know,” the monster said quietly. “But my eyes are no longer
what you call green.”

“I asked if you could speak,” said the girl.

“Yes. What do you want more than anything in this world?” Carson asked.

“I want to live,” she replied. “I want to be human again, just like any
other teenager.”

“What do you want more than anything else in the world,” Carson asked.

“I want to be a vampire,” she replied. “I am not beautiful like you. I
am not strong like you. I am just me. But I do not want to be a slave.”

“You will be a vampire,” Carson said, “But you won’t be human. There
is a price for everything. And a price is just money in your pocket.”

“That is for me,” the creature said quietly.

“What is your name,” asked the girl.

“It doesn’t matter,” Carson said. “What matters is that you don’t need
to be human in order to live. You are special, very special, but you don’t
need to be special. You only need to be alive.”

“I am still not a human,” the creature said to the girl.

“You are not a human,” the girl replied.

“But you are,” Carson said.

“I am not,” the girl said.

“You are here,” Carson said.

“Yes,” the creature said as the girl turned around and reached for her
throat to bite.

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