The group gathered in the back of Emil’s truck


“It’s almost here!” Jax said excitedly as he hopped into the cab.

“Is it the time yet?” asked Jess. She couldn’t remember what time it had
been this morning but it wasn’t morning anymore.

“No, I think its a little bit earlier actually. My eyes are playing tricks
on me.”

Frank’s eyes went as wide as saucers. Emil pulled the truck over to the side
of the road and Jax hopped out and gave the engine a few revs. He then turned
around and waved and waved at the group and started jumping on the other side,
“Get in!” he shouted.


“Hurry up! We’re running out of time!” He shouted and took off at a high
speed, “I gotta go!” He shouted at the open door as he took off at high speed
faster and faster.

Jess grabbed her bags and put them in the back of her truck just as Frank
put the truck in gear. “We’re gonna have to stop you for some reason,” he
told her as he turned the truck up a bit.

“Oh, I didn’t think about that.” She replied as she pulled the door open.
“Thanks,” she said as she hopped out and waved at the group, “By the way,
what’s in the trunk?”

“Our instruments so we can figure out the wind speed of the storm and how
the water will impact the lake.” Jess gave her an embarrassed look and climbed
in the back, “Sorry, I don’t do well around them, they scare me.”

“Oh, sorry.” Jess said as she pushed down the back of her seat.

The truck picked up speed and headed towards the end of the bridge where
the water would reach the shoreline. The headlights flashed blinding white,
making the area around them look like a giant black hole.

“Damn, you’re gonna end up at the bottom!” said Quincy.

“What do you mean?”

“Let me tell you, you’re gonna end up on the bottom of the lake, I promise.”

“I suppose I could take some pictures of it before I end up at the bottom.
Are you gonna be alright?” Said Bo as he looked up at the skies.

“Yeah, I’ll make it somehow,” said Frank as he looked up too, “We’re almost
there. Keep your head down and push it out, we’ll make it.”

“Okay,” said Bo as he pulled a lever on the side and the truck slowed down.
“How do you know when to stop?” asked Quincy.

“Easy; when your hands get so full of water they start to leave a trail as
you walk up the hill and when your feet come out of the water, you’ll hear the
engine.” Said Frank. That’s probably why the truck is in the middle of the
road and not the shoulder; the rest of the group couldn’t hear him but the
truck could.

“Why is it in the middle of the road?” asked Jax. “And the rest of you are
staring at the front of the truck with your hands on your shoulders, why is
it there? What is it?”

“It’s the water!” Quincy yelled.

“Yeah, I know. My feet are getting cold.” Said Bo.

“Do you think if you get out of the water that your hands will warm up?”

“No, and I’m cold so the water is the only thing keeping me warm. It’s a
flimsy explanation, but it does make sense.”

“If it’s not a flimsy explanation, then tell me what we are supposed to do
about it,” said Quincy. “Can’t we get out and swim to shore?”

It looked as if Jax would have walked if Jess hadn’t grabbed him by the
collar of his shirt and pulled him close to her, “Listen, Quincy, this is the
first time in our life you’ve been out in the water. You will get cold and
then you’re gonna be scared. You need to learn to get out of it and when you
do, you need to get out right away, okay? If you’re scared after three
minutes, your body will stop trusting you and you’ll freeze. Now, if you go
out by yourself, your body will think of other things to do and when you
think of them, you’ll freeze. We’ve all been on that train at least once and
a few of us have gotten sick. Do you really think you can stay out there
alone and out of danger for an hour and not get sick? We don’t get to choose
when we fall ill after all, we choose how we get there and when we get out.
This is the first time you’re leaving the rest up to us, Quincy, you have to
be willing to take chances, which is why this is so dangerous. Don’t let
this get to you.” Quincy didn’t argue with her, he didn’t even have an
argument. She could tell that he was scared as hell but he wasn’t scared of
the water.

“Just let me know when we get to the shore,” he said and started
shaking his head.

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