The man stood on the edge of the water


He took his boots off and stood in the water and then moved to the edge when he
felt his way to the ground. He was just about to stand up when he heard a
strange sound. It was not a sound of the birds, but something more like one of
them. It almost sounded like a scream, and he felt like reaching out to the
tree but instead he backed up into the bushes.

“No.” He said. “There is no use.” He said. “One cannot save the trees. They
are too powerful and they are too self-sustaining. The trees will continue to
grow without him.”

She is dead. I am still alive.

I can’t think of anything worse than my mother dying, but even so I can’t think
of anything worse than my mother dying. At least she didn’t suffer like him.
She didn’t live that day. And then I had to suffer as well. No, I had to
suffer like him.

He had been doing nothing but standing there, trying to figure out something to
do. What would happen to me? What would happen to me? When I was gone, would
everyone who knew me be gone too? Just me and him alone in the world? What
would happen to us? He couldn’t think of anything. And the more he
thought, the more he realized that he didn’t have a plan. His plan would
leave him alone in the woods. And maybe the people who came to kill him would
come to him. Maybe they would follow him to the campsite and kill him. Maybe
he would go mad. And then he didn’t have a plan.

He could have just died. But I want you to live so we can be together.

He had not thought of that, but it felt right. They just left in the middle of the
night. That might be an unusual thing to do. It was something that he had
forgotten. Then there was always the chance that they could return at any
moment, and then he would still have the chance to be with her and to be with
him. He could have died. But he would be able to be with her, and so
there was nothing of him that they could take apart.

He had only thought about taking her, of walking out with her into the forest.
But there is no way to survive out in the middle of the woods. If you leave the
woods, you die. And he could not bear to think about the thought of dying.

I want you to live. I know that you will find a way to live.

He had spent the last few hours thinking that this would mean he would have to
die to live with her, but he had not imagined how it would feel. It would not
be just a matter of dying and going with her. He thought about them together.
Living. But what did he have to live for? Life was a joke.

He was going to kill her. He still had the knife and he was going to kill her.
He was going to kill her. He had nothing left and no one to love him. No one
would miss him. No one would care. Just as one of the people on the train had
said, this was a joke. He had nothing left.

He took his boots off and placed his hands in front of him. He stood on the
edge of the woods. He couldn’t cross the woods. He could walk out into the
open, but he couldn’t pass through the dark, or he would die. The trees were
too tall. He couldn’t go out into the open.

What happened next was not what he expected. He didn’t expect that she would
crawl out of the brush and onto the ground and then kneel on one knee, and
then she raised her hands and he knew that she was not going to stab him. She
was going to die by standing her ground. He could see her hands shake on the
knife as she thought about killing him. He could see her legs give way from
trembling. And then she slumped on the ground and he knew that she was going
to die. He stood behind her.

He could see her body shaking. He could see the tears coming down her face. She
was crying and he thought that she didn’t realize what she was crying about,
and he knew that she did not know what she was crying about. He could see the
knife drop to the ground and then he knelt down and wrapped his arm around
her shoulders and pulled her to him.

I will take you out of here. I will take you away. We will go to my

When he pulled her to him, he could see that there was a knife in her hand. He
could see the blood from her body as it pooled around her fingers. He could
hear the sirens in the distance and he knew that they were coming. He took the
knife and wiped the blade clean against the pants of her pants and then laid
it on the ground and then he took her other hand and used it to brush away the
hair from the back of her head. Then he walked out of the trees and
backwards. He didn’t understand what was happening to him. There was
something familiar to him out there in the woods. But he couldn’t
remember. He couldn’t remember who he was.

He looked at the city and he looked at her and he looked at the trees and then
he looked at the blood around her neck and he looked at the trees and he
looked at her face and he knew that there was something wrong with him that he
didn’t know. But he didn’t care and he knelt by her body and he turned away to
look at the city and to her, and then he looked at the trees again and then he
looked at the blood and the tears and he looked at the trees and then he looked
at her and then his body started to shake and then he just started to cry.

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