The plane crashed into a big tree in the centre of the city


The whole place came alive for a while. The crash made them all aware that
something had happened. The whole world was silent. Everyone gathered under
the big tree and there was no sound. The only sound was that of the crashing
plane and the ringing of the bell. It was the first time someone had
experienced an explosion just like that.

John stood up, rubbing his eyes, looked on the ground and picked up the
phone from the ground. He picked up the phone and dialed a number. The
telephone rang once and then stopped. He then dialed the same number. This
time it rang twice. Then he replaced the telephone and stepped out of the
building. He was holding the telephone in his hand. He was waiting for that
number to ring back.

John ran a little way out to the street and shouted at the people for about
a minute. Everyone was looking at the plane on the ground. No one was willing
to come out.

John was about to walk towards the plane when a huge dark shadow suddenly
appeared in the sky. The huge dark shadow was a huge jet plane flying
towards the city. It was flying very high and its engines were roaring very
loud. It came so close that it seemed as though John and the people below,
were standing on the ground. Then the dark shadow was moving away from the
city. The people standing on the ground moved to the side of the road and the
dark shadow moved on. The people stood watching the plane on the ground
until it disappeared with a roaring noise. The people on the road looked at
each other and then walked back to the building. They walked back and
stopped by the building.

John continued his run to the city. He was about a minute and twenty
seconds behind the plane. It was almost fifty feet above the ground. Now the
plane was climbing and had stopped. John was not interested in the plane and
sought a taxi at almost the same time. He got inside the car.

The first thing, John asked for was to go to the taxi window. He got in
front of it and looked in the window. He could see a black man and a tall
white man sitting there. They were looking out very busy. John got out of the
car and sat on the seat. A taxi came and stopped near him. John paid the
driver and got out of the car with the taxi. He asked the driver to take him
to the airport and went on a flight to London with the taxi.

John walked into a hotel, went to his room and waited there for his
buddy. The receptionist at the hotel didn’t recognise John. She looked at him
as if she were waiting for a movie to start. She asked him to come there in a
while. John walked out to the street and looked around. Then he saw a man
walking with a strange-looking dog. He was carrying a dog in his hand. The
man had the strange-looking dog in his left hand. The man walked through the
street and stopped by John. He took out a piece of paper and began to write.
Then the man began to scratch the dog on the paper. The dog began to bark
loudly. The man seemed very happy and started laughing loudly. John realised
that he was going to get the dog for his friend.

The man removed the paper and put the dog in John’s right hand. John was
holding all the things in his hand. Then the man took the dog out of
John’s hand and put it in his pocket. The man walked slowly on to the car,
got in the car and started the engine. The man was still laughing loudly as
John walked into a cafe next to his hotel.

John asked a waitress if they have any coffee and she took the dog from
John’s hand, gave it to the waiter and said, “I’ll be back in a minute. Go
and start some coffee for me.”

John took the dog out of the waiter’s hands and stood it on the table.
Suddenly the waiter jumped at it and pulled it by the leash of its chain. The
dog was very happy and started barking loud. Meanwhile the other people in
the restaurant became quiet.

John then went to the desk of the hotel. He asked for the room number. The
room number was 8. There was no room number 8 in Room 8.

John went to the lounge at the end of the hotel and paid his bill. He
then left the hotel by the lifts. On going out John saw that the room number
8 was empty. He walked out of the hotel. At the same time, he also saw
another man looking in the window of the room number 8. That man was also
looking. He was looking at the empty window of the room number 8. By now, the
other man was also looking inside the room number 8 and saw the suitcase,
which contained the dog, sleeping on the floor of the room. John walked
towards the room number 8. He walked from right to left and got in. John
unlocked and opened the door of the room. The door was already open. Then he
took the suitcase and put it in the room and closed the door.

John walked out of the room and found his friend sitting by the window.
John asked the man if he could take the suitcase in his room. John took the
suitcase from the room and stood on the ground. Then John went to the
landing and put the suitcase in the room. Then he took out his car keys and
got in the car and drove off.

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