This is the account of the moment a car crashed into a tree on a country road in County Down


I went back to my car to collect the insurance papers. It was almost as quick
as it was to get out of the car so I would still get the money. After the
paperwork exchange was completed I took off the bonnet of the car and climbed
out into the fresh air. I walked up the road to my car. From here it was
nearly 200 yards to me. The sun had just set and was now beginning to go down.
There were the lights of a road maintenance van in my rearview mirror. It was
a good twenty minutes before I was satisfied that no one had been badly
injured. When I got back into my vehicle and had re-stuck the bonnet I
attempted to drive off. My hand was on the steering wheel. I felt two soft
bumps from the bonnet as the Peageot began to bounce off the back of the car.
The Peageot then slid off the road into a small ditch and I had to pull over
and stop. There was a strong aroma of the air freshener I used in my car to
get rid of any smells from my car interior. This could be very helpful in
dealing with road rash if I ever get into a car crash.

I was not too concerned that my Peageot could be in pieces. What I was concerned
about was whether I had done the sensible thing and parked it. As I was
considering this the Peageot was still upright and I wondered if I should
still try to get out after the damage to my car was ascertained. As the wind
had picked up and the road surface had begun to crumble I started to climb
out of the Peageot. There was a small patch of metal where the bonnet had
caught on the road surface. I tried to walk my car off the road and there was
a small bit of metal from a steering arm that also hit the road surface. I
was not going to be able to stop here to repair my Peageot as it had hit a
trees branch which had then caught the bonnet on the road surface. With some
difficulty I pulled the Peageot out of the ditch and onto the road. I was
about 100 yards from the car when the bonnet began to slide. The Peageot
bounced off the road surface again and landed in another ditch. I now had a
small metal tree branch sticking out of my nose and the bonnet was lying on
the road surface and I was trying to pull it out. I looked up at the trees
and could clearly see where the branch had fallen. The branch had hit the
roof of the car in the back which probably caused it to flip over. The
branch had made a small dent in the roof of my Peageot and I felt slightly
sick from the crash.

I am writing this as I am still in a state of shock and disbelief. I am sure
I am not the first person to have suffered such a trauma. I am not quite as
confident as it may seem. I can see one thing clearly. What I did not
realise till a while later was that the Peageot had been damaged in a
similar way to what Kara used to get out of a car that she and I purchased
together when we were newly married and had bought our first house that we
lived in up until four years previous. It was something she had forgotten
about. It was an old Peugeot 107 sporty car. She was my girlfriend and I was
the one who rented it and was responsible for driving it. I was not the one
who bought it as I was not a car salesman at the time. I was just happy to
be able to rent it from a company as I had to get out and do some odd jobs
during the day to make a living. Her parents had bought it from a previous
owner new and I had rented it back from Kara’s father so the car was never

There had been no previous damage to the roof and I had hoped that no one
would damage it again just by parking it there. It was a good feeling. Kara
was still my girlfriend. The car was a good one. We had paid a good price
for it and as we had both had similar jobs during the day it was nice to
possess. We had been there for only a short time when her dad had suddenly
died. She had had an opportunity to buy the Peageot from him but she chose to
buy another car to take her to work. I never doubted this decision. I knew I
had made a wise choice as I wanted to be with her always and I did not wish
to be without her for even a couple of days. However, I did wonder why she
was in her own car if I needed her. I knew the story but I did not know how
serious it was.

Kara decided she needed something new. I was happy about this because it meant
the car would go to her. I did not know how she planned on getting around
London but I knew she needed a car for her job. As it turned out she needed a
small hatchback to take her and her laptop to various work locations and a
small SUV for her work out with her personal trainer. I was not familiar
with London so I had purchased a car at the first opportunity I could find. I
had visited the car salesman at the time because I knew I had made the right
decision but I did not know he would sell the Peageot to her. I was very
surprised about this. I had always seen Kara as the brains of this couple as
they had decided that together they would always stick together no matter what
life threw at them. I would have assumed her parents would not have been
against this.

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