This is what happened when I met my father for the first time


I didn’t have a good meeting with my father but I did come in good on what I
thought was a good evening for a story. As soon as I walked in I saw my
grandfather working in his shed so he must be there already I thought but it
was a short story that he wasn’t done yet and that’s what I really wanted
so I sat down with my father and started to tell him what I was thinking about
while we were talking about what I wanted to ask him after I told him about my
grandfather he told me he is gonna go outside and get a tape recorder so at least
he can record what we are gonna do tomorrow and I knew he would probably stop
talking after making a tape so I decided to ask dad to let me take his recorder
to tape the whole thing.

A week before I met my father I had been at my house after the long day at
work and I was just about to go out when my father calls me from work and tells
me he has something he wants to talk to me about and he was asking for my
support with this.

I didn’t want to say that I am really busy as usual or I don’t want to
leave my young family alone and I didn’t want to come over to his house. He
was already starting to make a tape recorder so I knew he wasn’t gonna change
anything but what I didn’t know was that he would actually get me to stop him
and I was going to go along with it.

About five minutes after my father told me he wanted to talk to me about
this I told him I was busy because I had to go to work and I didn’t want to
stop his work so I called my father and told him I would stop at my car
because I couldn’t take his tape recorder which I knew he wanted to record me
for the story but I called back to tell him I couldn’t stop him and he said he
would have to just tell me.

About a minute after I told my father to tell me what he wanted I realized
that I had to leave and tell my family I was going to do what he told me to
do. I called my father back and told him that I was leaving and he told me
again not to worry since he is going to get my recorder back from me. Five
minutes after that I was walking to my car and I was so nervous I was shaking
so much I didn’t know what I was doing I thought I would get into an accident
but I made it all the way to my car without breaking anything so I decided to
go home cause I knew my family had been waiting for me to come home so that
would be the safest thing for me to do.

I made my father bring my recorder to my house the next day and I played it
to my family and they were all waiting for me to take my recorder back he
said that he could take it back since that was the way he wanted to do it
after they heard me make my tape of him telling me he wanted to use a recorder
against him so he could get to the truth. After I finished my tape I told his
people who all showed up at my house and were pretty shocked to hear what he
said about it but they were also pretty impressed with my story so they all
said they would meet me at my place to get the recorder back.

I waited for them two hours. My brother-in-law was the one that told me about
me meeting up with the sheriff and he knows him since he was working for him
for 15 years so that’s why I told him everything and I have him write down
all the things he told me.

I got to my place and I called my father and told him my brother-in-law had
told me what happened and he was so surprised he almost didn’t believe me at
first he told me that I was imagining it because he hadn’t told my brother-
in-law anything but after he listened to my tape he said he would go take my
recorder back for me and he had just walked into my house when my brother-in-
law told him the sheriff was there and that he wanted to see him. After he
heard my testimony he was so happy he almost forgot about the recorder when he
heard he wanted it back he said he will go talk to him about the whole story
the whole story about what he wanted to do with my grandfather. I thanked him
for getting my recorder back and then I left my brother-in-law waiting on the
street as I went to my car to go home.

When I got home I told my husband that I was going to take my recorder back
because I had told my brother-in-law everything and he believed me so he had
to be the one to call my dad and tell him I was going to take the recorder back
the next day.

So when I told my dad about what I had done I was really nervous cause I
thought he would say he didn’t want to hear about it and I was afraid to tell
him that I wasn’t going to take it and he would tell me I didn’t have the
right to do that it was none of his business.

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