When I was growing up my father used to act like he was a real sheriff, like a real sheriff out in the real world and he would say things like “we’ll be taking care of this, this is on us


But my father isn’t like he used to be, he’s not the same anymore, at least
not the person I know he used to be. I mean, he used to be one of those
traditional “sheriff” kind of people, and I’m pretty sure he still believes he
is one. One of those people who just sort of goes by the book, and doesn’t
question the sheriff’s actions, he’s the type of the guy’s who just does what
the law says, and the other sheriff’s who do the opposite, they have no choice,
or they wouldn’t be sheriff. Because they’re out to make money, or cover up
something that the law isn’t able to do, or they’re out to kill the opposition
or some shit. But that’s not the way Hank Mitchell was. Now he acts like he
should be a normal sheriff who does his duty, but if he is a normal sheriff his
workday takes a lot longer than it should, and even he tells a few stories that
sound like he got carried away with something when he was younger he used to
pull the whole town out of a hole and it seemed to me that he would be happy
when I was growing up and getting older he would start acting more like he should
be a normal sheriff, well, maybe not exactly a normal sheriff, but at least normal
and normal enough to make everyone around him feel safe until he gets home he
would put on a show for me one time and he would be dressed up in a sheriff’s
uniform and act like a real sheriff,
like a real sheriff out in the real
world and he would say things like “we’ll be taking care of this, this is on

So I grew up with my father but I never thought I would know him the way I do.

One day I met him on an ice bridge, I was going up to a small mining town
called Beecher to check on the progress of a project I was putting together
about a year ago that involved my father. I had been living there off and
on for the past 5 years working at a mining company that put on a lot of
shows for the tourists and the public like carnivals and fairs and things
like that, but that’s not what we do here in town and he knew that, so he told
me that if my dad was going to be at the town he would need to use one of the
cars that he owns for the special occasion, so in the mean time though I needed
to come up with a reason to get him to come up and meet me, so I pulled out my
blog and invited him to come along with me to the town and have dinner with me,
well, that’s what I wrote at the top of the Blog, and that’s what I wanted
him to do, so after my Dad got the news that I wanted him to come up and meet
me he was all for it.

So up we go, on the way up to Beecher we were talking about the show I worked
on and he kept asking me questions about the stuff I did and how the stuff was
getting there and I would give him the answer and the more I would explain
the better he would like it, well, that’s when I had that idea.

Now I know that my father would not be able to do anything, especially if he
didn’t have a sheriff’s badge, but would my Dad have ever worn a sheriff’s
uniform? Probably not, and I really don’t think he would have been able to wear
it, it’s funny, because my father is not a very big man, about 5’8 or 5’9
tall. He looks like a little boy who went to a bar mitzvah or something when he
was younger, so when he dresses up in the uniform I guess it makes him look
bigger, so it is a little weird. So when he gets up on the ice bridge I had
something to try to make him look like a normal sheriff. My plan was to give
him something and then see if he would let my plan run its course. So I told
him I had something that would make him look like a normal town sheriff, and
then I told him that it was something that I was planning to do on the way
home and that it would be dangerous and a little dangerous to do it but that it
was an idea that I thought would work well, and he was all for it, so I said sure
we would do it and we got to the bridge and I told him that I had a gun so we
would need to bring the town’s weapon and gun safe, I told him where the gun
safe was and then we got to the bridge and I told him that I was going to put
a rope ladder in the trunk of the car and that it would be a long journey for
the car to come down and he was all for it, so I told him to have his own gun
on which he was very good at when we got there and the gun was loaded because
that is also what my plan was set up to have the car come down from the bridge
by my plan.

So we get to the bridge and my plan was to have the man walk on the ice, then
I would go down and pick up the rope ladder and put it in the trunk, then I
would have the rope ladder on the back of the car and I would drive the car
someplace where it wouldn’t be seen,
and when he was down off the bridge and I put the rope ladder in the trunk of
the car I would drive to the hotel on the hill where my father was staying and
then we would just go home to our normal life. It was a great plan.

He liked it a lot, he loved it and he said it was a good plan and now he thought
the worst thing could happen and that would be that he would get in the car and
it would start to roll down the hill and he could be hurt and it would be a
busted car he figured he would be alright though because he knew it was my

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