21 Free Dancing Apps For Android

For each person who   loves dancing, video games and unlimited fun, we’ve compiled a top-list of the 23 great dance packages for the smartphone.

Dancing With The Stars
Dancing with the Stars is a popular tv show in America, on the basis of which an unbiased challenge with the identical name became created. At the very starting, the game proposes to layout a person for dancing and go to impress the jury and stand on top of the dignity.

The undertaking has exquisite portraits and suitable animation of all dancers. Dancing with the Stars may be a very good mastering tutorial.

Among the advantages of the sport, you may additionally observe a massive selection of clothes and makeup, an abundance of the most popular songs and a large range of command modes.

Dancing With The Stars

Downloads: a million +

Customers rating: four.2 Stars (4.Three / 5)


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Hip Hop Dance School Game
Hip Hop Dance School Game is a great sport for absolutely everyone who’re fond of dancing. The gameplay is based on a as an alternative interesting story. So, you were just observed through one of the pleasant marketers, specializing within the promoting of hip-hop stars.

The principal goal of the player is to enhance his actions and abilities, and as a result, every new fulfillment will help you to locate extra fans. Prove which you are one of the high-quality dancers on this genre. Dress in beautiful dance clothes, create your very own dance and emerge as the first in the world rating of dance stars.

The recreation will attraction to those folks who can’t consider their lifestyles without Hip Hop dances. As in real lifestyles, you may need to protect your reputation. Amaze all jury participants, and you may be capable of get the best appreciation of your talents.

Hip Hop Dance School Game

Downloads: 10000000 +

Customers score: 4.2 Stars (four.5 / 5)


Cheerleader Dance Off – Squad of Champions
Cheerleader Dance Off – Squad of Champions is a colourful application wherein everybody can join the ranks of the cheerleading squad.

The utility will please with an exciting story. Gamers must interact with a woman who has simply moved from another faculty. And she hopes to be the pleasant in the cheerleading squad. The new one is aware of a way to dance properly, what’s going to handiest help achieve the desires set, or maybe greater.

Help the crew to win within the principal competition of the 12 months, and you will sincerely get a respectable praise. Learn new actions, show them on your pals, and you will be capable of become the maximum popular in faculty.

Cheerleader Dance Off – Squad of Champions

Downloads: 10000000 +

Customers rating: four.2 Stars (four.Five / five)


Zum.Ba Dance Workout
Zumba, as a separate course, appeared fantastically lately and fast gained crowds of fans around the sector. And no surprise: that is a real holiday! Zumba combined factors of fitness and aerobics, and the incendiary steps of many dances: salsa, bachata, samba, flamenco, cha cha cha and lots greater. It is impossible to remain detached, having come to this lesson: this dance is too incendiary and active for this. It just infects the dancers with advantageous and suitable temper. This isn’t always only a mediocre health exercising. This is, to begin with, a number of amusing!

Anyone can analyze it. The important element is not to be lazy and go to classes responsibly. All actions are simple and understandable. The main component is to learn them and begin dancing.

Zum.Ba Dance Workout has tips and movies about Zumba. Training videos are performed if you have a strong Internet connection.

Zum.Ba Dance Workout Zum.Ba Dance Workout app

Downloads: a hundred +

Customers rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)


Hip Hop Dance Steps Videos
Hip-hop is one of the maximum famous traits in present day youngsters dance cultures. Today, the route of hip-hop is set 40 years. And, if at the start of the birth of the dance the actions were quite easy, now hip-hop is a alternatively complex and strength-intensive procedure, with serious dance strategies.

Hip Hop Dance Steps Videos has a massive series of video tutorials. They are all free and of high pleasant. If you start training with this app, you may add motion pictures to Favorite list or bookmark them for smooth get entry to. It is also possible to proportion videos with friends through social networks.

Hip Hop Dance Steps Videos

Downloads: 100000 +

Customers rating: four.2 Stars (four.4 / five)


Hot Latest Belly Dance 2018
Many women recognise that stomach dancing is very useful for fitness and is likewise an wonderful manner to reap a super determine. Hot Latest Belly Dance 2018 utility for Android has New modern day Belly dance movies to start schooling proper now.

You can analyze this kind of dance certainly at any age, even if you are over 40. Thanks to the belly dancing, any female will sense divine and beautiful. Perhaps for a person belly dance may additionally seem easy, however in fact, it has a widespread load at the frame, in particular the muscle tissue of the frame. If you try to do stomach dancing for approximately a month, then you’ll exceedingly see the difference. And also it is worth noting that stomach dancing gives tremendous emotions and excellent mood.

Hot Latest Belly Dance 2018 Hot Latest Belly Dance 2018 app

Downloads: 50000 +

Customers score: four.2 Stars (four.Eight / 5)


Dance Steps Videos
Many ladies dream to bop fantastically, however not everyone has time and money for instructions. However, for the development of flexibleness and plastics, it isn’t vital to take specialized instructions. You can analyze the basics of dance art at domestic.

So, if making a decision to learn to dance, do now not delay. Just download the Dance Steps Videos and repeat after the teachers the primary actions of modern-day, street, ballroom and social dances.

In reality, this isn’t extra difficult than any other business in which you’re a amateur. Dance directions fluctuate from each other. Even when you have mastered one in all them, it will likely be uncommon with a purpose to take a look at every other.

However, all dances are associated with the ability to personal one’s body. And if you aren’t new in it (as an example, you had been engaged in martial arts, gymnastics, swimming and even dancing), it will be simpler a good way to adapt to new movements than for a amateur.

Dance Steps Videos Dance Steps Videos app

Downloads: one hundred thousand +

Customers rating: 4.2 Stars (four.2 / five)


Pocket Salsa
Learning to dance at home is a awesome addition to studying at the Salsa school. Make domestic dance education your habit! Do you’ve got a loose 1/2 an hour? Perfectly! Stand in front of a mirror and dance with Pocket Salsa!

A super gain of home practice is that a couple isn’t required. You can study pair figures in the ballroom, and at domestic you can paintings on plastic, getting to know footwork, practising turning techniques, reading rumba or reggaeton.

All this will be discovered independently, with out a accomplice. If several times weekly, further to instructions at college, you may dance at domestic with this software – believe, the results might be simply fantastic!

Here are video training which are easy to carry out at home. All you want is multiple rectangular meters of free area and a bit time. You will discover greater than a hundred dance video classes by means of the famous instructors of Addicted2Salsa.

Pocket Salsa Pocket Salsa app

Downloads: ten thousand +

Customers score: 4.2 Stars (four.Eight / five)


Super Dancer
Super Dancer is a social on line dance game made the use of Unity 3-D technologies. The game is characterised with the aid of great portraits with brilliant characters, a social factor and of course incendiary dances.

Play, dance, chat, have fun and get a variety of tremendous feelings from this incendiary game. Thousands of stylish and elegant costumes can seem for your closet. If you are tired of dancing yourself, it’s time to head hand in hand along with your buddy in paired dance. Dance management is simple and laid-again.

Super Dancer

Downloads: 1000000 +

Customers rating: four.2 Stars (4.1 / five)


Break Dance
Breakdance is one of the styles of road dancing. It is one of the oldest and most popular patterns. The foundation for the dance become the hip-hop motion. Break-dance is taken into consideration to be the maximum excessive of current dance guidelines, the elements of breakdance require the dancer to have notable physical power and patience.

If making a decision which you need to learn how to dance smash dance, we suggest trying out this utility. It will help to make the first steps in gaining knowledge of this kind of dance.

This power, athletic and extreme direction permits one to increase the power and coordination of the frame as nice as possible, to learn how to use bodily forces in mixture with innovative abilities, to absolutely explicit yourself in dance.

Break Dance app Break Dance

Downloads: 50000 +

Customers score: four.2 Stars (three.Nine / 5)


Ballroom Dancing
Ballroom dancing isn’t simply dancing, it’s an entire artwork, and on the same time technology, recreation, passion, in a phrase – a whole life embodied inside the movement. Also, ballroom dances aren’t in vain called sports activities – it’s far a significant education for all of the muscle groups of the frame, in addition to a correct and healthful cardiac load. That’s why many of us need to master this course. How to do it?

To learn simple moves of the main famous directions of ballroom dancing, it is enough to download the Ballroom Dancing software. Here, you will learn the moves with movies and dance instructions. These classes are suitable for novices in addition to for properly-organized dancers for improving the mastery. All the dances are proven in element, so that you will now not have plenty issue gaining knowledge of them at home.

It’s by no means too late to begin ballroom dancing, you may discover ways to dance magnificently at any age. You only want a choice to grasp this fashion of dance.

Ballroom Dancing app Ballroom Dancing

Downloads: ten thousand +

Customers score: four.2 Stars (four.0 / five)


Belly Dance
What only a girl can not do to stay as stunning, younger and proper as feasible for so long as viable. But the recipe for female beauty and properly-being turned into created many centuries ago. It’s belly dancing. The Belly Dance utility is best to carry out this recreation at domestic and everywhere.

For the majority, stomach dancing is really an interesting choice for oriental dance. However, it’s far extraordinarily beneficial for the restoration and strengthening of the female frame. During the dance, all muscle groups are loaded, together with those who aren’t worried in everyday lifestyles.

Dance to your very own delight: lovely tune contributes to this.

Belly Dance Belly Dance app

Downloads: ten thousand +

Customers rating: 4.2 Stars (4.Four / five)


ElfYourself® By Office Depot
ElfYourself by using Office Depot is a easy enjoyment application thanks to which you may have amusing giggling. You want to upload a photograph of your face or your buddies to grow to be a actual Christmas elf and make a hilarious dance. The choice of a musical theme will begin the video generator and shortly it will likely be viable to observe, send through email, put up to Facebook or store in your telephone.

Do you want to create something funny and make your buddies snicker? Then this utility really fits you.

ElfYourself® By Office Depot

Downloads: 10000000 +

Customers score: 4.2 Stars (four.1 / five)


Dance War – Ballet vs Hip-hop
This sport will enchantment to all enthusiasts of incendiary and refined dances, who cannot live an afternoon without this outstanding and useful business. What is better stylish and audacious hip-hop or classical and graceful ballet? Especially for this reason Beauty Inc evolved the utility Dance War – Ballet vs Hip-hop.

Here, you need to pick out a side right now, as similarly participation within the dance mega opposition follows. Then pick the man or woman you want, along side her makeup, outfit, and hairstyle. Make your heroine the most fascinating amongst all of the members.

As in any competition in this game, there may be loads of tests, on occasion very hard. But you don’t need to be disenchanted, you may cope with the tasks set and may be able to prove to all and sundry that you have no same inside the selected dance style.

This application becomes equally interesting for a younger lady, and older ladies. Everything could be very vivid, colorful and unforgettable amusing. Installing it, you get no longer best mischievous a laugh but a giant amount of positive emotions and a price of vivacity.

Study a ramification of movements, attain a excessive level in your preferred enterprise. Choose your position, perform tasks. All this will simply lead you to the finish. Care in your heroine, while she is worn-out, go to the spa, with sprains and injuries – to the doctor, and to always be in the proper shape – in the gymnasium. Do the whole thing to electrify judges with dances!

Dance War – Ballet vs Hiphop

Downloads: a million +

Customers score: four.2 Stars (3.9 / 5)


Dance School Stories – Dance Dreams Come True
Dance School Stories is an terrific simulator for Android, in which the consumer has to actively teach to win and take location in other competitions. A free sport will make you feel like a ballerina, awaiting actual trials to attain glory and reputation. The primary idea of the software is lively education and competitions, allowing the primary man or woman to gain repute. The group has proper choreography instructors who guide you all the way to fulfillment.

By pressing the right button in time, the gamer will manage the moves of the character. If all is going properly, then factors and rewards are awarded. The android game will please with exact, intuitive manipulate, due to which even users with little experience can be able to try their hand, achieving excellent results.

Dance School Stories quite a dynamic game, because the in addition the gamer moves, the harder the duties become. Master the skills with steady rehearsals, trying to flawlessly carry out the commands of the choreographer.

Pleasant images makes the gameplay pretty shiny, interesting and thrilling. The musical accompaniment varies depending on the occasions. Dance School Stories – an outstanding amusement utility for Android, with a purpose to will let you spend time enjoying your favourite commercial enterprise and appearing an expansion of moves.

Dance School Stories – Dance Dreams Come True

Downloads: 10000000 +

Customers rating: four.2 Stars (4.4 / 5)


The inexperienced alien dance
The green alien dance is an pretty entertaining application advanced with the aid of the Istanbul studio “Green Alien” for cell gadgets based totally at the Android running system. The application is not a sport or an instrument, in fact, it’s far a video with a dancing inexperienced alien creature dancing to tune. What is the reason of this creation stays a mystery, but maximum customers examine it definitely and classify as a training video.

Running the utility The inexperienced alien dance the consumer will see a window of the media participant with the start and rewind button. Clicking on the start, we’ll see a nearly two-minute video clip with a dancing alien. This completes the purposeful abilities of the product. If you want the proposed dance, then you could without problems study it by putting the recording on pause within the proper place. On the creator’s web page, there is a similar software wherein video recordings of people imitating the movement of a green man for the same music are collected.

The inexperienced alien dance

Downloads: 10000000 +

Customers rating: four.2 Stars (three.Eight / five)


Just Dance Now
Just Dance Now – dance everywhere with this wonderful recreation. Plunge into the awesome international of dancing with out the use of a recreation console, you handiest need a telephone and a device with a display screen.

The guidelines of this dancing game are simple. Players handiest need to pick a musical hit, gather a loud agency and start performing complex dance elements, comic performances, and solo performances. If there isn’t enough area on the dance floor, then start recording dance with the characteristic DanceCam – proportion the movies at the social community, saving the best moments for joint perspectives!

There are hundreds of melodies to pick from to your dance. Run the sport and begin dancing enormously simply and fast: you want handiest multiple clicks. Be entertained and speak with hundreds of different players, and also perform joint dances with them. Customize the song playlist in your personal and get coins to extend it. On the health control panel, you could see the number of energy burned. In the unfastened trial model, you will get get entry to to the full catalog for a week. The game calls for a connection to the Internet.

Download Just Dance Now for Android right now – it’s a wonderful way to cheer up and get a dose of best temper!

Just Dance Now

Downloads: 10000000 +

Customers rating: 4.2 Stars (four.2 / 5)


Coco Party – Dancing Queens
Do you leave out at the manner for your preferred dance faculty? – Fun and bright sport Coco Party can be a extraordinary leisure on the street for you! Coco Party – a new informal game inside the long collection of adventures of the fashionista and exquisite Coco. This time you will go to the dance ground. Do makeup and begin!

Coco determined to become the actual queen of the dance ground in any respect costs, however she couldn’t cope without your assist. Show your impeccable experience of fashion! Pick up a fab healthy for her from a large recreation cloth wardrobe and decorate it with terrifi add-ons. Send Coco to the beauty salon. Change the coloration of her skin, eyes, and lips, dye her hair for your liking and make a beautiful hairdo. Do a expert degree makeup, for you to emphasize her persona and make unique amongst different girls. It seems the whole thing is ready? Don’t overlook to make a picture of the sort of splendor for reminiscence.

Think of the maximum incendiary dance for a party, combine movements. Each front to the degree is made within the shape of an exciting mini-recreation, wherein players ought to press buttons in time for the great consequences. Hit the goals at the proper time, carry out incendiary dancing actions and get the best score! Spark off the dance ground and hit the heart of a strict jury. And don’t doubt: this nighttime, everyone may be at your feet.

Coco party

Downloads: 10000000 +

Customers score: four.2 Stars (four.Zero / five)


Facejjang is an software that allows you to add your photo or pics of buddies to funny, dance movies. You handiest want to pick a template to apply (many are available free of charge) and run a innovative method.

First, you need to properly pick the face to be used. To do that, you need to outline the contours of the face indicating the line of the eyes and the position of the lips. After that, you may add numerous accessories including hats, wigs, glasses, ties, and so on.

After adding faces to the video template, you may must wait a few seconds for the file to be processed. After that, the utility routinely saves the video to the device, and you could view it or post it anywhere.

Facejjang is a amusing utility that offers quite precise effects. In less than a minute or , you could create a splendid, personalized video to share it together with your friends.

Facejjang app Facejjang

Downloads: a hundred thousand +

Customers rating: four.2 Stars (four.1 / 5)

How to dance Kizomba
Kizomba is one of the simplest dances, its specific feature is the absence of tough figures, excessive-speed dance actions. You can try and own your frame at home. You need to start by studying the simple steps of Kizomba. There are not too many fundamental movements, and you’ll be able to learn them along with your partner, in a ordinary scenario with this utility.

How to bounce Kizomba utility will assist you to start kizomba dancing, even in case you do now not have the possibility to wait a college. Of path, like all dances, you need to begin dancing kizomba with fundamental steps. You can learn how to dance them with video training that are presented inside the application. The app includes movies of initiation, intermediate stage, superior degrees.

How to dance Kizomba

Downloads: 1000 +

Customers score: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / five)

Dance On Mobile
Do you want to dance, or perhaps simply dream about it? All goals are real, bear in mind! Dance On Mobile will assist you dance everywhere, and not by myself, but with the whole extended family that you will create your self. For this, you may simplest want a phone. The game has a completely vivid and clear portraits. Cool portraits and easy manage will seize you. A fairy story of love and dancing awaits you.

Dances are divided into two alternatives: group battle or one on one warfare. You are predicted to finish diverse quests, so that you will ought to dance lots! Any struggle is followed with song, tune it on your liking. It is also possible to get hold of more factors, with the aid of looking after your lawn. Grow and water plants, trees, berries for your garden and get even greater coins. Earned cash will assist you growth your factors in the standings.

Learn elegant dances and recruit as many humans as possible to your crew. Make it smooth and easy, percentage your nickname with buddies or pals and phone them to your extended family. Go to the shop and pick out a fantastic outfit, make a stunning coiffure and change your make-up. The international of favor may be very diverse and first-rate. The maximum crucial factor is that after passing and triumphing the quests, there can be valuable prizes.

Dance On Mobile

Downloads: ten thousand +

Customers rating: four.2 Stars (four.Five / 5)


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