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deep in the mines of Volcan.

They just seem to look at me,

and stare, deep in the mines of Volcan.

I don’t know a thing, not a thing about this! –

Where in this deep underworld maze

is the key? (Lights, like fires-perhaps!)

I look about, my words are grunts; thus,

I make no words at all:

deep in the mines of Volcan.

This world down here has a funny sun

that’s really all I know;

deep in the mines of Volcan.

The tunnel lights are burning, o

yes, yes, the tunnel lights are Spanish Magazine burning

-at each end, and in-between;

the tunnel is burning (with lights, like fires):

torching its once eternal night,

here, deep in the mines of Volcan;

thus, night sweetens with life-, as light

creeps along the walls, floors and ceilings

(fires dotted here and there, everywhere),

deep the mines of Volcan.

No: 2094 12-7-2007)


Ghost of the Deep Mine

As I walked through this tunnel,

the deepest mine, at Volcan,

I seem to have had a tail dragging,

dragging along the past,

brushing over the past with my tail…;

perhaps, just perchance, it was one

of those ghosts, who hasn’t let go,

lost into the darkness, long ago.

Perhaps, just perchance, he is my

tail dragging, trying to say, “Hello!”

Spanish Version

Fantasma de la Mina Profunda

Mientras caminaba a través de este túnel,

uno de los más profundos de la mina, en Volcan

me parecía que tenía una cola arrastrándola,

arrastrándola a lo largo del pasado,

cepillando sobre el pasado con mi cola…;

talvez, sólo talvez, este era uno

de esos fantasmas, que no quería dejarlo,

perdido en la oscuridad, tiempo atrás.

Talvez, sólo talvez, él es mi

cola arrastrada, tratando de decir, “¡Hola!”



When one walks the streets of Cerro de Pasco (Miner Country)

you can feel the heartbeats of the miners, their pulse

(almost hear the footsteps-their heavy steel toed boots,

against the hard ground).

One can even sense the push and pull of their hammers

deep within the crust of the earth.

The iron, copper, zinc and gold, all the minerals

within the living earth,

giving up its roots – so man can live.

Spanish Version


Cuando uno camina las calles de Cerro de Pasco (Nación Minera)

puedes sentir los latidos de los mineros, sus pulsos

(oir los pasos-de sus pesadas botas de puntas de acero,

contra el suelo duro).

Sentir el empuje y tirar de sus martillos

(profundo dentro de la corteza de la tierra).

El hierro, cobre, zinc y oro, todos los minerales

dentro de la tierra viva,

entregando su sustento-para que el hombre pueda vivir.

2065 (27-Nov-2007) (Dedicado al Ing. Teódulo Quispe Huertas)


The Miners and the Bees

It would seem (or at least it did for me)-

seem, at the Volcan mines of Cerro de Pasco,

there is no beginning or end.

They are like bees (the miners) with no wings,

over an ocean of dirt and minerals;

here, one hears the sounds of machines-

near and in the distance- seals the mind,

day in, and night out, as it enters

and echoes within the inner house of one’s body.

Note: No: 2081, 12-3-2007; during my all day tour of the mines at Volcan, the mind finds a simple way to digest it all if indeed one is interested in the environment and industry he now finds himself in; for it is an immense operation, and thus, once in this environment, the mind shuts down to the outside incoming trivia, to line up with the new world it is now in, with all its sights and sounds; hence, it envelopes one until it is all one is, part of the environment, it did me.

Spanish Version

Los Mineros y las Abejas

Parecería (o al menos esto me pareció)-

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