How Does Live Texas Hold’em Work?

Getting Started
Playing live dealer Texas Hold’em Poker online couldn’t be simpler. Download and install the free software from the client, then open a real money cash account and make a deposit at the cashier. Log in and select this great gambling game from your favorite online casino’s lobby, and away you go!

How Does Live Texas Hold’em Work?
The live dealer, who is a real person and who you can see standing at the table, will conduct the casino Texas Hold’em poker game. He or she will deal the cards and tell you when it is your turn to play, and if need be, explain the options 온라인홀덤 available to you. It is much more exciting to see the live Texas Hold’em croupier turn over the flop, turn and river cards than a computer animation.

How Does The Betting Work
Similar in some respects to the classic Texas Hold’em games, live casino Texas Hold’em differs in one important respect. You bet on the odds of your own hand beating the real dealer.

The game begins with players placing an Ante bet and an optional bonus side bet. The casino dealer and players then get dealt two cards each, face down, and three community cards (the flop) are dealt up in the middle of the table. A ‘Call Bet’ is then placed if you want to continue, followed by the final two community cards. It’s then up to you to carry on betting in order to make the best five-card poker hand using the seven cards available. If you beat the dealer’s hand – as long as his initial two-card hand qualifies – you win.

Living in a Video Age
So, how can you follow the action? Well, the live dealer casino Texas Hold’em tables at your favorite gambling websites are fitted with video cameras. When you select one of the tables, the real time video featuring the real dealer is streamed to your computer so that you can see everything that is taking place. In this way you become part of a real casino environment. Exciting, huh?

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Good Stuff and Bad Stuff
Hold’em lends itself perfectly to a live dealer scenario because, like live blackjack, you’re taking a real dealer on one-on-one. You can talk using the chat box, and rub their noses in it if you win! Live dealer casino Texas Hold’em is fast and fun, with big potential winnings.

Just be aware that the live dealer Texas Hold’em game moves a lot slower than its Internet versions with their computer dealers. That’s inevitable, so if you’re looking for a lot of game time you should consider sticking to the original Texas Hold’em Poker online variation.

Finally, be aware that some limits for live dealer online Texas Hold’em poker games can be higher than their regular Internet cousins. Always check the minimum betting limits before playing.

We Find The Best Live Texas Hold’em Games
Playing live casino Texas Hold’em is the next best thing to being in Las Vegas itself! It’s fun, fast, and what’s more, you know everything is 100 percent safe. You can even chat to your croupier while you play. We love playing live dealer casino Texas Hold’em too, and we have trawled the net for the best games for US customers. Follow our expert guide and start winning today!

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