Fundraising For Your Club

All Sports Clubs, Schools and local organisations will have to admit, times are hard. With rising costs and in some cases, falling memberships, it has never been harder to raise funds for the urgent schemes that need to be completed. Since the pandemic of 2020, finances of clubs have become even more difficult and basic survival in many cases is the only expenditure planned. Unfortunately many businesses are also finding times difficult and are less likely to be supporting local clubs through sponsorship. Sadly, not every club can call on a rich Arab or Russian tycoon to help out. I know there are members within your club that have skills that never get used and many also have fundraising ideas that remain untapped.

Fundraising is often thought of in a negative way, as ultimately, some see it is a form of begging. Getting people to support your ideas and raise as much as possible, is often the hardest bit. In most clubs, there are a few people, that do most of the jobs and they are reluctant to add another job to the list. Most people do the roles as volunteers. Sports governing bodies, have reduced the amount of funding available and a lack of spending on sponsorship from local businesses, making fundraising, more vital for their survival, than ever.


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