Free Supplemental Online Tools to Help You Learn Spanish!

If you are thinking about or currently learning Spanish then you should be aware that there are free tools online to help you along your journey. Learning Spanish is just like everything else, and there are some free online tools that can help. Here are 4 examples to get you thinking about what the internet can do for you.

1.Free Movies and Songs

It is easier and easier to find free movies or television shows online. This includes Spanish novellas and popular Spanish movies, as well as some great Spanish music that you can listen to. Just find some streaming video sites and listen to them. By watching videos and listening to music your ear will get trained to listen to the language. This will soon help translate into your mind retaining not only what words mean, but also how phrases are spoken and how the native accent sounds.

2.RSS Feeds

These feeds are great for seeing Spanish on a daily basis. The more you are immersed in it, the more you will be used to it. This will make sure that Spanish is consistently around you. You will then see Spanish when you are checking your email or updating your Facebook or Myspace pages.

3.Reading Articles and News Items

Just use a search engine like Google to find pages about topics that interest you. Most people can read Spanish before they can speak it and this is a great way to keep reading. This will also help you get comfortable with sentence structure and grammar involved with the Spanish language.


The easiest downloads to find are MP3’s. You can even find audio books so that you can read along while you are listening to it. MP3’s are also great because you can put them on your Ipod and listen to them in the gym, the car, or where ever you are going.

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