The Right Choice of Foods Helps to Control Diabetic Symptoms

Type II diabetes is spreading like plaque. It is specifically becoming more common in modern societies. There are many contributing factors that aggravate the disease. The most major among them are unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. Hereditary also plays its part. However, most people are unaware that disease can be controlled by sticking to the properly planned diabetes type II menus.

Type 2 Diabetes – Basic Facts

A carefully collected data shows that around 20 million residents of USA are suffering from diabetes. More than 95% of these are suffering from type 2 diabetes. The more alarming figure is that average age of diabetic patient has dropped from 52 years to 46 years when the current data is compared with the one collected in 1988.

Even worse news is that diabetes is not limited to only old aged people. Teenagers and even youngsters are also acquiring the disease. Further both genders have an equal tendency of acquiring this disease.

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