Five Reasons to Live in Downtown Norfolk

So you’ve decided to move to the Tidewater area of Virginia. You have your choice of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, or if you prefer peninsula living, Hampton or Newport News. While there are plenty of reasons to move to any of the “seven cities” in the Tidewater area, the city of Norfolk stands out above the rest in overall quality and distinctive sites. Here are just five reasons why you should live in downtown Norfolk:

Norfolk is culturally diverse.

Norfolk is a Mecca for various Seven Cities Virginia culturally diverse hot spots. If you’re looking for live theater, then the Wells Theater in downtown Norfolk is the home to the Virginia Stage Company, known throughout the state and mid-Atlantic region for exceptional regional theater.

If you’re in the mood for a bigger production, then Chrysler Hall’s Broadway series fits the bill. The Virginia Symphony and the Virginia Opera are also mainstays of the Norfolk experience. The Norfolk Scope hosts a wide range of venues from hockey games, monster truck relays, and to concerts and exhibits.

There is no act too large or small for Norfolk, as The Attickus, Norva, Roper, and Ted Constant theaters cater to both large and small musical performances, holding from 1,500 from 6,000 guests.

Norfolk is home to many historical landmarks.

Another unique characteristic about Norfolk is its amount of historic sites. The Moses Myers house, located in downtown and built in 1792, is one of the oldest houses in the area. Along with its impressive age, the Moses Myers house also still has 70% of its original furniture.

Or you can take a stroll on the breathtaking grounds of the Hermitage Museum, built in 1904. The Hermitage acts as a museum, visual arts school, and a backdrop for many programs and events.

For the History enthusiast, the MacArthur Memorial celebrates one of the most distinguished generals, and one of only five men to ever reach the rank of General of the Army, General Douglas MacArthur.

There is unique dining in Norfolk.

If you want one of those chains that you see if every city in the country then Norfolk is not for you. If you want truly unique dining then Norfolk is ready to serve you.

Norfolk not only has plenty of one-of-a-kind establishments, but it also has one credited with creating the first ice cream cone. Doumar’s Cones and Barbeque in downtown Norfolk, founded in 1934, is one of the oldest diners in the area and still has car-side service.

From a home cooked breakfast at Charlie’s, or crepes and fabulous gourmet omelets at Baker’s Crust, to a pizza lunch at Cogans, or for a Mediterranean twist at Orpax Greek Restaurant, the dining experience is not to be matched in any other city.

For a casual wallet friendly dinner with a view, choose Greenies on the beach with succulent steamed shrimp and a frosty brew. More formal, gourmet dining is everywhere.

Some of the best regional chef’s have establishments in and around the downtown area. Bobbywood, Tod Urich’s Bistro and 456 Fish to name of few. No matter what your taste is, we have it in Norfolk.

There are many activities available in Norfolk.

Norfolk has limitless things to do. Outdoors and indoors, Norfolk boasts many attractions that will cater to everyone.

The Virginia Zoo is located in downtown Norfolk and has over 400 different types of animals on its 53 acres. Recently adding an Africa exhibit, the Virginia Zoo now houses zebras, lions and giraffes.

If you want to learn more about the maritime community, Nauticus Maritime Museum in Norfolk is your ticket. Nauticus utilizes its location on the Norfolk harbor to educate visitors on the navy and the ways of the nautical world. If you would like to learn even more about the navy, then a trip to the Norfolk Naval Base is in order, which has daily tours available.


Everything in Norfolk is convenient, no matter what area you live in. Thanks to Norfolk’s modest size, any activity that you want to do within the city is only 15 minutes or less away.

There are the Ocean View beaches closely available if you want some fun in the sun. The annual Ocean View Festival allows for the perfect summer carnival experience. Ocean View is also the location for the local annual St Patrick’s Day parade in March, a fun time for anyone wanting a taste of “the luck of the Irish.”

For shopping, unique boutiques and eclectic shops dot downtown Norfolk. Or if you prefer name brand shopping, MacArthur Center is an upscale mall and shopping center located in downtown Norfolk for your buying convenience.

This is only a small blurb of what Norfolk has to offer. No matter who you are, young or old, rich or “not-so-rich,” there is something for you in downtown Norfolk.

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