Using Massage Chairs to Reduce Stress and Improve Health

Investing in a home massage chair is like carrying our favorite massage parlor straight to your sitting room. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a regular body massage more conveniently while cutting on the costs of the service elsewhere. It will be possible to access the service at any time. You can improve your mental alertness early in the morning before work and relax after work.

Regular massage has been known to relieve stress and muscle tension with minimal efforts. Stress, whether mental or physical may result from a number of factors but regardless of the cause, massage is highly effective. chiropractorsinphoenix It helps to loosen tightened muscles around the neck and can help reduce tension on back muscles thereby clearing the physical symptoms of stress, depression and restlessness. A short as five minutes massage can be effective to unwind after a hard day at work.

Physical exertion can lead to stiff joints and aching muscles. Adopting a straining and unusual standing or sitting position for a long time also strains your muscles. If you undertake regular physical exercise, you may suffer from muscle cramps as your body muscles try to relax. Massage helps muscles to loosen naturally reducing the possibility of forced muscle contractions which could be injurious. You could use this as treatment for these conditions as well as a preventive measure.

Strain on the chest muscles and other muscles around the respiratory system can lead to short and labored breathing. Massage is a highly effective technique in relaxing these muscles thus improving your breathing. Deeper breathing improves blood supply and thus oxygen through out the body which helps to carry away toxins from the cells, lower blood pressure and improve general health.

Serious health conditions such as heart attacks and strokes result from high blood pressure caused by stress and poor blood circulation. This can become critical when vital organs such as the heart and the brain are depleted of oxygen. Massage soothes the stressed muscles improving blood and oxygen supply thereby lowering blood pressure reducing the risk of killer high blood pressure levels.

Regular massage significantly improves the lymphatic system which primarily helps the body to remove concentrated and potentially harmful toxic substances from tissues. When left to accumulate in the body, these toxins has adverse effects on the skin, overburdens the kidneys and lead to general ill health.

Massage therefore helps the body to detoxify the blood and expel the toxins for a better looking skin and a healthier body.

When a bad posture causes tension on the muscles, the body responds by distorting the normal shape and positioning of the muscles to reduce the tension and lessen pain. This has a bad effect on the body shape and posture if the tension remains for a long period. Regular massage will promote recovery of distorted muscles and ensure that the body retains the right posture. Massage chairs should be part of the assets in your home especially if you suffer from repetitive stress problem. If your job requires a lot of physical exertion, standing or sitting for long periods, this is the way to go.

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