Are You Expecting Too Much From Your Toddler?

It is natural to expect a few things from your kid, but most parents don’t realize that when their expectations are crossing the limit. Well! There is a thin line between expectations and over expectations, maybe being a new parent you don’t realize it, but you have to understand that a kid cannot be perfect all the time.
According to experts, these days toddlers are bombarded with unrealistic expectations, which leads them stress.
Sadly, parents often don’t realize that they’re expecting more than a kid’s capacity. Here we have got you some baseless and unrealistic expectations that parent always does from their kids.

1. Always Be In A Good Mood
We want our toddlers not to cry and be in a good mood all the time. Do you think it is possible? Of course not! When you as an adult is not able to be in a good mood throughout the day, then how can you expect it from a little toddler? Yes, it is irritating when kids become moody and cranky, but you have to understand that they do have their everyday issues and you being a parent is supposed to help them out instead of imposing your expectations on them.

2. Never Mess Up
Parents expect their toddler always to keep their toys at their place and to never mess up with other things. But hey! It’s just a little toddler, who doesn’t understand how things are supposed to be. Sometimes toddlers end up with a mess. For example, toddlers love to draw their imaginations on every piece of paper that they see. So in such a situation, you’re supposed to keep your relevant documents at a safe place instead of expecting the toddler not to harm them.

3. Ignore Our Bad Habits
Always remember that toddlers learn things from their parents and people around. Expecting your toddler to ignore your habits is the unrealistic expectation ever. If you abuse others in front of your toddler, how can you expect your kid not to learn those abusive words? It is better not to perform your bad habits in front of the toddler.

4. He Should Be A Fast Learner
If you’re expecting your toddler to learn everything with a blink of an eye, let me tell you, you’re just expecting too much. Few toddlers can grasp well and few moves as per their pace, but that doesn’t make them weak in learning the new things and concepts. Never discourage or scold your baby to learn quickly. Don’t worry, they’ll learn.


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