Best Makeover Tools For Women of Color

If you are looking for a great makeover tool because you don’t want to take the plunge and cut your hair or buy tons of makeup – I’ve compiled a short list of the makeover tools I’ve experimented with and gave me the best results. Makeover Tool: I think this is the best makeover tool for women of color. You can either upload your image or choose and image from their database. I think they give the best selection of images since women of color come in so many shades. When you select a hiarcut or makeup color, best hair tools the results are very realistic. This tool gives the best depiction of of what you would look like from a complete makeover.

E.L.F. Virtual Makeover: The ELF makeover tool allows you to also upload an image or select a model. You can also select from a wide selection of hairstyles and makeup. However the tool is not very user friendly. After many click throughs and testing you evently figure out how to change your hairstyle from short dark styles to long dark styles. The bonus with using their virual makeover tool is you can buy products from the site with the click of a few buttons.

Instyle Vitual Makeover: The Instyle Vitual Makeover has the same inventory of models as the E.L.F. site. I thought the selection of hairstyles to be varied and they worked well when tested on the models. I really like the color wheels when selecting lipcolors, eyecolors, etc. and they did a good job with the brands you can test on their site. I think their makeover tool is well put together but the amount of women of color is limited, which is understandable due to the amount of women they need to cater to.

iVillage Makeover: Not a very good makeover tool at all. The selection of models are limited with only woman of color. I thought the hair styles were OK, but when applied to the model it was very wiggy. The makeup colors are not very apparent on the skin and it is hard to know if they are a good match. I would not recommend this tool at all.

Well this is my list. If you have others that you have used, let me know since I am always loooking for useful information.

Dorian Price
Editor, The Cinnamonista Files



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