Bikini Tops

Bikini tops come in different styles and sizes. When one wears a tank top with a bikini top the suit is referred to as a tankini. A more revealing version is a suit where the top has just tiny bits of triangular cloths joined together by strings. Bikini The trend of bikini tops keep advancing each season with the size of the tops getting tinier. With the size of bikini tops now reduced to a size where it can no longer be reduced swim suit manufacturers have moved to reducing the size of the bikini bottom. With the numerous options available it is guaranteed that anyone and everyone can find the perfect bikini top.

A bikini top normally has a built-in bra, under wires and cups that are curved. All these features enhance the body’s curves. A variation from the normal bikini top is the tankini, which has a longer top leaving only a little bit of the belly exposed. When there is a strip of straight cloth for the top it is called a bandini. When the top resembles a camisole it is a camikini.

To look amazing on the beach wear a bikini top of lace. One is sure to attract attention. The top is made of stretchable lace fabric and is available in every size. Some tops known for their sexiness, simplicity and elegance are designed to specially function in the water. They have a four-way stretch and have a built-in support without the underwires and the padding.

There are bikinis available in all colors. To brighten the place wear a halter necked top in bright blue prints. Crochet string bikinis are also an ideal buy. Animal prints are popular among which python prints are much sought after. Embellishments like beads, embroideries and stones can make a top stand out even more. For a patriotic look, denim halter top in blue, red and white are also available.

Bikini tops can also be worn with skirts or denim wear for a more casual look. More and more people prefer to wear bikini tops for a casual outing. With the wide array of styles, colors, designs and fabrics available it can be overwhelming to choose from the wide range.

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