The Marketing Mix: A Game Site Webmaster’s Perspective

Any marketer in the world can tell you that the four elements of the marketing mix are product, price, place and promotion. These four tactical components are popularly known as the four Ps of marketing. Just like the key ingredients of a cake are eggs, milk, flour and sugar; these flour ingredients make up the marketing mix. In this global era it would be wrong to think that marketing just means advertising. webmastershall There is a lot more to it and we will try to understand the four Ps from the perspective of a webmaster that operates online flash game websites.


A product is something that is offered to the consumers in the market place. A product is created to fill in a gap. It is a tangible as well as intangible means of fulfilling wants and needs. Our product here is an online games website. You have guessed it right, if you thought that our product is an intangible one. A website is a service offered to the consumers and it provides them with a certain benefit. Our online games service provides a certain level of satisfaction to the customers and hence it is classified as an intangible asset.

The products offered in the website can be the games themselves. Besides this, the user registration service, the tracking of played games, game-sharing services, high-score services, the website design, colors and logos, game descriptions and instructions, and various other features of the website can be considered as the product of the website. The product should be what the market desires. So if a webmaster is into serving flash games to his or her customers, then that person should actively involve in updating the flash games with new ones, clean the dead and unpopular games, write meaningful and clear descriptions and instructions. All these should be done to make sure that the visitors’ demands are being met.


Price is another important element of the marketing mix. This asset of the marketing mix is the one that generates some sort of turnover for the organization. The other three Ps can be said as the variable cost of the organization and price is the return of those costs invested. Pricing techniques can be many. Pricing can be based on competition, cost incurred, company’s objectives, customer’s willingness to pay etc.

For our online flash games portal, the pricing strategy is somewhat different. For many, it may seem to not exist at all as most of such sites are free to access and play. Very few of them charge for the premium features. But that does not mean that the pricing strategy does not exist. There are always some means to get back our investment and in this case of websites, the method is via online advertising. Our visitors pay us by viewing our advertisements. Online advertising is a broad topic on its own. The online publisher programs which may offer cost per click, cost per impression or cost per signup advertising methods, are all part of our pricing mix. So displaying such advertisements should be clearly planned in order to ensure a healthy revenue inflow.


Place refers to the channel or methods by which you reach your consumers. It is the method by which you segregate your customers, target them accordingly and deliver your products and services to them. For our online games website, the internet opens up the entire globe as a marketplace. One should carefully choose the target demographics and geography in this huge marketplace. Online games demographics usually includes gamers who lie within the age range of 13 to 29 years old. Talking about geography, you are not limited by international borders as the reach of the internet is all around the globe. So you need to select the geography from where you can generate a good amount of hits and revenues. The language of your website should also be based on this. So, the place factor for your online games website should be carefully planned and the marketing programs should be developed as per the plan.


Promotion is the link which connects the service provider and the consumers. Using promotion one can influence, inform and persuade potential buyers’ to use the service or product that is offered. The means of promotion can be many for game sites. From search engine optimization to using online advertisement programs, one can easily plan their promotion techniques. A certain amount of budget is required in most cases for promotion. Advertisement programs can be used to reach the targeted audience. Promotion techniques should be designed in such a way that they clearly communicate the message about our products and services to the target audience, increases the demand of our products and services, and also help us to differentiate ourselves from others.

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