The Life of Hans Asperger

Hans Asperger was the founder of the Asperger’s syndrome, a syndrome that bears the founder’s own name. He is also a pediatrician, a branch of medicine that focuses on the care for infants, children, and adolescents. Hans Asperger was student in University of Vienna for medicine, which he also got employed in the children’s clinic from where he got his education. Hans married at the year 1935 from which he had five children.

During the last years of the Second World War, he is being assigned as a medical officer deployed in Croatia. In 1944, he pbulished his book describing the history of autistic symptoms which it led him found a permanent career at the Vienna University. Shortly after the world war, Asperger became head of a pediatric clinic within Vienna and was also University of Vienna ‘s chairman of pediatrics, a position he held for approximately twenty years.

Hans Asperger published the very first definition of what Asperger syndrome is in 1944. During a research involving four boys, he founded a series of behavioral and skill patterns from which he termed autistic psychopathy ( autism (self) and disease of the psychopathy (mind sickness)). The symptoms consisted of a lack in empathy, hard to find friends, one-way conversation, intense absorption in particular things as well as weak body coordination. Asperger has confidence from his research that children being identified with such symptoms would have special talents in their adulthood. Towards the end of the war, Hans Asperger opened a school for autistic children diagnosed with psychopathy. Unfortunately, the school along with his early research work was bombed and destroyed during the Second World War. Because of this, the understanding of autism has been delayed.

Not surprisingly, the symptoms that he has described for Asperger also reveals Hans Asperger himself seems to have some characteristics associated with this syndrome. In his early life, he was also very lonely and isolated in which he has major difficulties in getting friends.

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