A Guide For Wedding Chair Covers

Wedding chair covers are used to make a boring looking room into something magical for your big day. Because you will have many guests you will need lot’s of chairs for them to sit on. Most function rooms provide basic folding chairs that will hardly win any style prizes. They can look unsightly if left as they are, and will almost certainly look out of place next to a pristine tablecloths and place settings.

To match things up a set of stylish covers are essential. For weddings this usually means hiring them, as incurring the expense of covering so many chairs will hit your budget hard, and is money that can be spent on more essential things for the wedding. Luckily there are hundreds of companies that will supply your covers for a few dollars per cover, depending on the material and the design features. Make sure you check the reputation of the company beforehand, you want everything to run smoothly on the day, and you certainly don’t want any last minute problems. Reputable retailers should visit your planned reception room ahead of the wedding to get an idea of how you want things to look.

There is a wide range of materials that are typically used for wedding covers. Most people go for cotton, but if you want to impress your guests you can buy silk or satin. These are the most expensive, but they also provide the most luxury, and give the printed chair covers  most impact. Other accessories can also be useful, such as sashes and bows. These decorations not only look good, but they also serve to keep the covers in place. Matching the covers with the other decor in the room, such as tablecloths, will give you the ultimate co-ordination. Even the color of menu booklets can be made to match.

Covers with long trailing skirts are ideal for hiding the chair legs, which in most cases will be either metal of plastic. It is important to get the exact measurements right, you don’t want these skirts to be trailing on the floor. White is by far the most popular color, so it will obviously get dirty very quickly if it is in contact with the flooring.

To complete the wedding, many places will provide bride and groom chair covers. These are usually embroidered with the initials of the happy couple in gold. Prices for these designs can be very expensive, but most start at around $30 for a basic look. The more detail you want, the more it will cost.



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