False Charges On Your Bill

No, I am not talking about identity theft. I am talking about the false charges that companies intentionally bill their customers. There is only one reason why companies falsely bill their customers; they want to make money. Yes, I know it is ridiculous that these huge corporations go out of their way to steal money from their customers but it’s true. Just Google “(any phone company) false charges” you will see that these companies have no remorse. They will charge you and they will take your money. But it isn’t just phone companies that do this.

How do these companies get away with constantly overcharging their customers? It’s simple: the customers don’t do anything about it. For the most part, people may just glimpse over the extra charge. It may be as little as $1, so it seems harmless. But these companies literally make MILLIONS of dollars with this method. So protect yourself, don’t let these corporations steal money from you. Complain and call them.

I have been charged by multiple companies NUMEROUS times. It’s seriously ridiculous how often I have to call these people because they charge me for some completely fake reason. I can confidently tell you guys that I have been credited every single penny that I have ever been unrightfully charged for and these people STILL send me these lies and ask for money that they don’t deserve. Don’t think just because you catch them once they won’t try it again; they will try it again. The news proves that they will.

So what do you do when this happens? First, keep the bill for your records. Second, make sure that the charge is fake; it could just be something that you overlooked. If the charge is indeed false, then call them and explain that you have been falsely charged. Most of the time, this should be a quick and painless process, but there are horror stories out there where the company takes months to refund a person thousands of dollars. It has happened before; don’t let it happen to you.

If disputing your charge is inconvenient and takes a very long time to settle, feel free to even ask for more money credited to your account. Just $20-$30 is fine. Your time is precious and you are forced to waste it disputing a charge because some CEO wants a little more money. Don’t let them get away with it; make them pay you for wasting your time and attempting to steal your money.


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