Woman Coach – You ARE Worth What You Desire to Charge

Have you developed the mindset that you can never charge what you truly desire? Have you developed the mindset that your coaching business is more like a hobby instead of a business? Do you read about how other coaches are charging what they desire, but yet you just can’t seem to take the faith leap? Do you get pumped up full of excitement when you are guided to increase your coaching fees. But then you never take action for fear of change, the unknown or rejection?

As an amazing and powerful woman coach there is so much that you deserve, and charging what you truly desire is one of them. There is personal power that comes from charging what you truly desire. If you feel underpaid as a coach it is time for you to do something different.

This article will provide you with three strategies to charge what you truly desire.

1. Develop the right charge what you desire mindset:

Before you even think about increasing your coaching investment you have to develop the mindset that you are worth it. If not you will probably become engaged in an internal fee battle. This means that you will constantly fluctuate between not charging enough, and feeling like you want to, but never actually doing it.

What can happen is on Monday you decide to charge what you truly desire, so you take steps to move forward in increasing your fees. You write down how much you want to charge, and you even get an implementation date. But by Wednesday you have convinced yourself that for some reason it won’t work, or nobody will pay you what you what you truly desire. One thing is for sure, that is, if you never ask for more you definitely won’t get more.

The right mindset can attract your desired investment. The way to get more is to decide that you deserve more, and ask for it. Don’t make it too complicated.

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