Craps Bonus in Simple Terms

Craps is an excellent example of an easy game to play. A matter of rolling a pair of dice to come up with a range of numbers, players and house either share the win or loss at the hands of the one throwing the dice, aptly called the shooter. Although the method of playing craps is easy to grasp, it is not an easy game to win as it all comes down to chance. Hence, casinos offer craps bonus to entice the crowd of craps fans to stay longer and leave their winnings on the table for another hopeful roll of the dice.

When craps bonus was initially introduced, players abused the bonus by playing on both sides of the fence at the same time. By placing such bets, they stood no chance of winning or losing their wagers, and could withdraw their bonuses when the wagering requirements were cleared. After losing a fair amount of money, casinos finally caught on and came up with rules to allow players to play with their craps bonus on a more level playing field. Other less forgiving casinos decided on an outright ban of using bonus dollars to play craps.

There are a number of types of game bonuses such as welcome bonus, deposit bonus, outright bonus, among others. Some bonuses are even offered free.


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